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Big update on Housekeeping at Disney World Resorts

Big update on Housekeeping at Disney World Resorts
Credit: Monica

Great news for guests staying at select Walt Disney World Resorts. We have a big update regarding housekeeping!


Credit: Monica

Housekeeping services, called “mousekeeping” at Disney World, are a benefit of staying onsite. Not only do they come and refresh your room and make your bed, but oftentimes they leave cute little touches in your room. For many, it’s fun to come back to your room at the end of a long day in the parks and see what is waiting for you.

Due to the park and resorts closing in March 2020, so much of what we remember at Disney World is not the same. This even includes mousekeeping. Upon reopening in July 2020, Disney announced they were taking steps to protect Cast Members and Guests. This included cleaning services.

This has been a major complaint for many who visit. In March 2022, we shared that Mousekeeping would return with a modified schedule. This means you will now get more than just a refresh every day. You can expect to have your bed made, surfaces dusted, a fully cleaned bathroom, and more every other day of your stay.

Full Mousekeeping Returns

credit: Jamie F.

The modified cleaning schedule was great news, but now guests staying at select resorts can enjoy full housekeeping every day. This will begin today, January 15th, and be for guests at all Deluxe Resorts.

Guests staying at moderate and value resorts will still receive the modified cleaning schedule as mentioned above that has been around for a while. DVC guests cleaning schedule will be determined upon the length of their stay.

Credit: Monica

Guests may opt out of daily mousekeeping at deluxe resorts if they would like to. This is a great change that we hope will soon cover all Walt Disney World Resorts soon. At this time, there is no information about receiving a gift card for opting out, which was also an incentive before the park closure of 2020.

Deluxe Resorts will return to full housekeeping every day.

What do you think of this exciting update? Have you missed full mousekeeping? Do you think it will return to all resorts soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


  1. Disney charges so much money already. I stay off site because I am not going to pay their high prices. But this not cleaning a room you paid for is upsetting.
    I like having my room cleaned everyday that is why I go to a hotel
    If I only wanted it clean upon arrival it would be air bnb

  2. We just returned from a 5 day stay at the Grand Floridan and housekeeping came every day we were out by 10am. They did a great job, but no “cute touches” as mentioned in the article.

  3. Happy about this. We stayed at Pop Century 2 years ago. They only cleaned our room 1x During our 6 day stay. Going again in June 2023. Every other day would be great.

  4. Disney used the excuse of covid to implement a “Modifed” cleaning service, and to cut down on costs, but have raised priced on pretty much everything from ticket pricing to food/beverage to Geanie +. Maybe they will get the picture as stock prices continue to drop, and people find alternatives to Disney parks.

  5. Deluxe resorts v. value (and moderate) resorts. All guests should be treated the same.

    Robin: daily housekeeping charges depend on the size of the accommodation. Between 25-35 dollars per day. You really don’t need it every day, so depending on the length of your trip, you might want to skip a day here and there. Enjoy your trip.

  6. Someone should tell the Mousekeepers what their job should be. I just came back from a 6 night stay at the All Star Music ( first time in any value resirt) and our beds were never made! I stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in October 2022 and our beds were always made!

  7. 100% agreed. We had a person walk right into our room. No knock, no nothing. Her excuse was that she was making sure our sliding door was closed. After that I put the lock on. So much for the old guy catching a nap.

  8. Not fair! One should not miss out on these services just because we opted for a cheaper route. We will be staying at The Cabins at Fort Wilderness not just because it’s cheaper but because I have a service dog and my husband is disabled as well and the accessible cabins w/ ramp are a perfect fit. Other hotels aren’t as accessible and have convenient area to walk my service dog. FYI; my dog does not go to parks but after a bad day she helps me relax and calms me down,

  9. I don’t care too much about housekeeping. I DO however care about their crazy “Security checks,” or “Wellness Checks” as I’ve heard them called. Super intrusive. Give me back the “do not disturb” sign and I’ll be happy

  10. I am surprised that people think they need full housekeeping when they are out and about all day long. I thought the every other day was just fine. People complain about the costs at Disney and when they try to make cuts to help keep costs down people complain. It’s either going to cost more due to minimum wages now being $15 hour in most states, or you are going to have to take a reduction in services. Basic economics 101

  11. When will all resorts have full housekeeping?? All resort guests deserve this service no matter where they stay, value,moderate, deluxe.

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