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This Ultra Rare Character Meet Is Happening Now

This Ultra Rare Character Meet Is Happening Now
Credit: Pixar

One of Disney’s beloved films has been honored with a special accolade. Check out this ultra-rare character greet happening at D23 to celebrate!

D23 2022 is Here

Credit: D23

It’s D23 weekend, and Disney is unfurling a bevy of announcements. This means Disney fans can delight in information pertaining to what’s on the horizon for Disney Parks and Disney Entertainment!

Be sure to follow along with us, as this entire weekend is sure to produce an ocean of Disney news! Now we are seeing a character that we NEED to see in the parks (Disney, are you listening?)

WALL-E Wins Special Accolades

Credit: Pixar

It was just announced that WALL-E has earned the distinction of being part of the Criterion Collection. This collection is essentially a curated list of movies that the Criterion Collection has deemed to be “important” classic and contemporary films. This is the very first Disney/Pixar film to enter the collection.

This means that a special Criterion Collection release of WALL-E will be rolling your way soon. You should see it hit shelves in November of 2022. This special release will have all new cover art and plenty of bonus content to go along with it.

An ultra RARE Character Meet

Credit: @DisneyDude_71

Perhaps this accolade is what prompted Disney to send WALL-E out to greet guests at D23. The adorable robot was spotted by a @DisneyDude_71 this morning.

If this isn’t the cutest thing I have seen, I don’t know what is. Hey, Disney, are you listening? Can we keep him? He’d make a great addition to Tomorrowland or Hollywood Studios. After all, he is officially important now. Directive: More WALL-E

Credit: Pixar

WALL-E does not typically have much of a presence in the parks other than an occasional piece of merchandise or perhaps in a Magic Shot. It would be nice to see a little more of him, Eva, and Plant.

Do you wish WALL-E would have his own meet n greet at Disney Parks? Please, let us know your thoughts on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page, too!


  1. Maybe you can write a letter asking Disney about it. I have wrote some and they responded. Give it a shot. Let me know what you think about it.

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