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Guest Tries to Steal Hundreds of Dollars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Guest Tries to Steal Hundreds of Dollars at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Credit: Disney

One Guest tried to get away with stealing a lot of merchandise inside Hollywood Studios.


Credit: Susan

Disney World sells a lot of merchandise inside its theme parks and resorts. Everything from apparel to toys to houseware can be yours. However, just like everywhere else Disney World does not allow theft. Unfortunately, that still does not stop people from trying to steal.

According to one guest, she saw the incident play out with her own eyes. In a video posted yesterday, she shares the story of how someone tried to walk out of a Disney store with hundreds of dollars in merchandise.


Credit: Disney

The situation occurred in one of the shops along Hollywood Boulevard inside Hollywood Studios. As she was leaving, she heard alarms go off and a Cast Member call out.

She turned around and noticed a Cast Member walking towards another Guest who had her arms full of merchandise. The person reportedly had several Loungeflys and Spirit Jerseys in her arms as she was leaving. However, she did not have any merchandise bags indicating she completed her purchase.

The Guest reportedly had 6 Loungeflys and several expensive Spirit Jerseys in her arms.

Credit: Susan

The Cast Member called out for the person to turn around and come back in the store with her receipts. However, the Guest refused to turn around and return the items. The Cast Member kept asking her to come back and she would be able to take the tags off and clear the situation.

As the Cast Member reached the guest, the person threw all of the items in the Cast Member’s arms and left the store.

The witness could not believe how close the guest was to stealing all those items. She also shares the Cast Member was so confused, but she was unsure what happened after that. Punishment could have included getting banned from the parks, or worse, the authorities could have gotten involved.

As always, pay for your merchandise. It’s the right thing to do.

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