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Take a behind-the-scenes look at this popular Nemo ride and see when it reopens

Take a behind-the-scenes look at this popular Nemo ride and see when it reopens
Credit: Disney

Check out how cast members are working to upgrade the Finding Nemo submarine lagoon and see when this fun attraction reopens.

Finding Nemo ride

Credit: Disney

With all the humor and heart of the original Finding Nemo film, this immersive submarine ride takes guests on an unforgettable ocean adventure to find a missing clown fish. Here, guests climb down into a yellow research submarine operated by the Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation Institute (N.E.M.O.). 

You can peek through the portholes as you sail past scuba divers and artifacts of an ancient civilization scattered along the seafloor. Additionally, you may also spot several of the main Nemo movie characters such as Nemo, Squirt, Marlin and Dory. Not only that, but while underwater be sure to keep an eye out for Bruce the Shark, Mr. Ray, Gill, Bubbles, Pearl, Peach, Crush.

Credit: Disney

The original Submarine Voyage debuted on June 14, 1959 and was one of the first “E” Ticket attractions. The attraction was loosely inspired by the 1958 voyage to the North Pole by the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, which shares its name with the fictional submarine in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The attraction enjoyed a 39-year run at Disneyland Park, setting sail for the last time on September 7, 1998. The Nemo attraction uses the same lagoon and submarines as the original. 

Behind-the-Scenes Look and Upgrades

Credit: Disney

While this family-friendly attraction has been closed since March 2020, it is reopening soon! Disney shares a behind-the-scenes look at what the teams across Walt Disney Imagineering, Disneyland Resort and Pixar Animation Studios have been working to get this attraction ready.

The upgrades include revitalizing the attraction with more coral, new paint, fresh kelp and seaweed. In addition, there are enhanced special effects and lighting.

Credit: Disney

Plus, when the attraction returns for guests, they can wave to a new friend from Pixar’s “Finding Dory,” everyone’s favorite septopus, Hank!

Meet several cast members and Imagineers in the video below as they share more about what they’ve been working on inside the attraction. Then, be sure to visit Nemo and friends when it reopens at Disneyland beginning July 25.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage will reopen at Disneyland Resort on July 25.

Look Inside The Lagoon of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage | Disneyland Park

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