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Disney Drops the Release Date for the New Zootopia+ Series

Disney Drops the Release Date for the New Zootopia+ Series
Credit: Disney Animation


Disney announced more details for the new Zootopia+ series – including the release date!


Credit: Disney

It has been several years since Disney released Zootopia in 2016. The film developed quite a fanbase, and many of those fans hoped to see more from the zany anthropomorphic animal characters. But a sequel never materialized nor did very much presence in Disney’s theme parks.

However, on Investor’s Day, Disney announced the development of a new Disney+ series based on Zootopia. It has been dubbed Zootopia+.

What We Know About the Series So Far

Credit: KtP

As is the case with many Disney+ releases, many of the details of the series have been kept under wraps. But, what we do know is that the series is expected to have six episodes.

The six shorts have been described as weaving in and out of the original film. Each one will take us beyond Judy and Nick and hone in on the perspective of a specific character in Zootopia.

Credit: @disneyanimation

Disney showed one of the six shorts at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. The episode is reportedly called “Godfather of the Bride,” and it focuses on the rat crime boss.

If you look at the Zootopia+ image Disney Animation shared on Twitter, it is divided into 6 segments. Perhaps these are clues as to which characters will be the driving forces in each of the shorts.

When Can You Watch Zootopia+?

Credit: Disney+

We will be able to find out more about the remaining segments soon enough! The Zootopia+ series comes to Disney+ this fall on November 9, 2022.

It is unknown what time the series will be available for streaming or whether the entire series will all drop at once. One thing is for certain: it will be great to see the characters back in action with new stories to tell.

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