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Disney Drops a New Line of Princess Denim Jackets

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Calling all Disney Fashionistas! Do you think these new Princess Denim jackets will be on-trend for Spring?

A New Merch Line

Festivities at Disneyland's new Merriest Nites Holiday After Hours Event
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Spring isn’t the only thing that has sprung around here. A new line of Disney princess jackets has sprung up as well.

Disney has teamed up with popular brand Spirit Jersey to launch a line of Denim jackets for women. Spirit Jersey, of course, is responsible for the oversized Disney jersey craze that began several years ago among the Disney fandom.

Credit: shopDisney

These jackets sound as if they will be soft and comfortable like their Spirit Jersey counterparts. They are 100% cotton and designed to have a distressed, vintage look.

The jackets currently come in three different Disney princess designs. However, I suspect that if they are popular, we will see them spiral into additional options as well. Whether they become popular will depend largely on consumer reaction to the pricepoint.


Credit: shopDisney

These jackets are priced at $119.00 each both on shopDisney and in the theme parks before any applicable discounts. It is a high price only compared to some items. After all, we have seen some expensive Disney merchandise lately.

So, this price point does seem reflective of current trends in pricing. For example, have seen a regular Disney Spirit Jersey priced at over $100 recently.

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Is the pricing reasonable? Maybe. Is it particularly affordable and attainable for the average park guest? Maybe not.

Demand will also be dependent on product appeal. Do these three designs tempt you?


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First up is a Pocohontas demin jacket. The wash is a classic demin wash that seems the most versitle of all 3 options.

Pocahontas is pictured on the back of the jacket. Across the shoulders animal silohettes scamper through the trees. It has a “Colors of the Wind” feel to it.


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The next offering is a Cinderella jacket. This one comes in a light blue wash that is more pastel looking.

Cinderella graces the back. The shoulder area is decorated with a coach and a glass slipper. I think I would be more likely to purchase it if the design had just the coach and slipper and omitted Cinderella herslef, but that is just me.


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The Tiana jacket comes in a fun purple wash with contrasting purple print. It makes sense since purple is reminiscent of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. I really like the color.

Tiana decorates the back. Printed acoross the shoulders are the swamp and silhouettes of her frog self with her frog prince as well as Louis playing his trumpet. And, is that Evangeline we see in the stars?

Final thoughts

Credit: shopDisney

I am going to have to reserve judgement on whether I can get enough cost-per-wear usage out of a jacket like these until I can feel the softness and try one on to see the fit for myself. However, if it is soft and flattering, then I hope Disney sends us Orange Bird, Figaro, and Figment soon.

What do you think of this new jacket line-up? Are you sold on it? What design would make you say “I need that?”  Let us know in the comments or join our friendly Kenny the Pirate Crew to continue the conversation on Facebook.

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