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Is this Disney World restaurant permanently closing?

Is this Disney World restaurant permanently closing?
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Here is what we are finding.

Disney World restaurants

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Hundreds of dining locations call Disney World home. From snack carts to fine dining, you can find just about anything you’re looking for. From theme parks and resorts to Disney Springs, you are never too far away from food!

We see new restaurants pop up all the time. Disney brought a few French restaurants with the addition of the France Pavilion at Epcot. Toy Story Land will be home to a new sit-down restaurant opening sometime this year.

While not as common, restaurants do occasionally close. Tomorrowland Terrace was converted to a dessert party, and many are temporarily closed due to the park closure in 2020. I’m looking at you, 1900 Park Faire and Hoop-Dee-Doo (among others).

Closing for good?

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One restaurant on our radar is Aristocrepes. This little kiosk serves, you guessed it, crepes! Located in the Marketplace at Disney Springs, you can find a variety of crepes and waffles here. Doesn’t a s’mores crepe or strawberry bubble waffle sound amazing?

Well, you may have to venture over to Epcot to get your crepe fill. Both the Disney Springs website and Disney World website display an error when we try to access the page for Aristocrepes. The booth no longer has the menu on display either.

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However, Google says its hours were verified by the business just last week. Typically the kiosk opens later in the day around 4:00 pm. Weekends and other busier times may result in an earlier opening time.

With both Disney websites not showing anything for Aristocrepes, I wonder if Disney is closing it to make room for something else. We do know a new cart is opening in March, so maybe it will take over the spot?

What do you think? Is Aristocrepes closing for good? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Who cares? If it isn’t one of the major restaurants, who really cares? A lot of the time when they close something outside of of the main parks it’s usually because you can get that food somewhere inside the parks. I wonder where a good place for crepes would be… Maybe somewhere Parisian… If only WDW had a destination that was French and served crepes.

    • Just because it doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to others. We share Disney news and planning tips for everyone.

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