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Disney celebrates Imagineer Lanny Smoot in honor of Black History Month and National Inventor’s Day

Disney celebrates Imagineer Larry Smoots in honor of Black History Month and National Inventor's Day
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Do you know Disney Imagineer Lanny Smoot? Though his name might not ring any bells at first, chances are you have definitely seen his inventions!

Lanny Smoot

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Lanny Smoot has been a Disney imagineer with the Walt Disney Company for twenty-four years. During his time with the company, he has received over 100 patents for the company! In fact, his 102 patents are the most ever received from anyone at the Walt Disney Company.

Among just a few of his inventions have been contributions to effects used in the Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth’s “Power City” at Project Tomorrow in EPCOT, and many more. One of the more significant contributions coming soon is the lightsaber.

Fans got a sneak peek at the lightsaber at D23’s event back in November.

“It is the most realistic lightsaber ever made, and extends, retracts, is super bright and exactly mirrors what you see in the movies,” says Smoot. “I also designed and patented the effect that will allow people to fight using lightsabers [via] training remote, just as Luke Skywalker does in the movie.”

Lanny Smoot, Disney Imagineer for The Walt Disney Company
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Guests will get to see this lightsaber in action once Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Hotel opens next month! Interested in going? Availability has recently opened up again, so be sure to check it out!

Smoot was recently named Inventor of the Month by the United States Patent & Trademark Office and is featured in the Breaking Barriers Exhibit at the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Alexandria, Virginia.

Inspiring Others

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Disney recognized Lanny Smoot in a recent post in honor of Black History month. Here is what Smoot had to say about his contributions inspiring new students:

“We have Black heroes all over, and it’s time to tell their stories — and to allow young kids, in particular, to see a future where they can contribute as people like them have,” says Smoot, who won the Black Engineer of the Year Award in 1987. “Our stories are not as fully told as they need to be. And at least Black History Month gives us a chance to do some of that.”

To hear more from Lanny Smoot, check out this short video below.

Celebrating Black History Month: Imagineer Lanny Smoot on Innovation & Invention at Disney Parks
Credit: Disney

Congratulations to Disney Imagineer Lanny Smoot on all of his achievements and success! We look forward to seeing what more exciting and innovative inventions he has to offer.

Have you heard about Disney Imagineer, Lanny Smoot? Are you looking forward to seeing his latest invention in action at the Galactic Starcruiser hotel? Do you have plans to stay on a future trip? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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