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Update: We now know the cause of the fire alarm at Magic Kingdom today

Update: We now know the cause of the fire alarm at Magic Kingdom today
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We now know the cause of the fire incident that took place at Magic Kingdom today.

Potential Fire at Magic Kingdom

Credit: KtP

Unfortunately, a scary situation took place at Magic Kingdom recently. Shortly after 3:30 pm today, February 7, the Reedy Creek Fire Department was dispatched to the Most Magical Place on Earth. For the full story, click HERE.

As fire crews rush towards Magic Kingdom, both Space Mountain and PeopleMover closed. See the screenshot from My Disney Experience below:

Screenshot: MDE

Disney has still not publicly shared any details regarding the fire or what could have caused it. However, a spokesperson for the Reedy Creek fire department has.


Credit: KtP

According to a spokesperson via the Orlando Sentinel, a smoky refrigerator in a Cast Member break room was the cause of the incident.

One engine responded to the scene. A firefighter unplugged a smoky refrigerator located in a Cast Member break room.

“Tim Stromsnes, communications director for the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters, said one engine responded to the ride. A firefighter unplugged the fridge, and the fire department’s other units called to respond were canceled, he said.

Reedy Creek spokeswoman Eryka Washington confirmed firefighters were called to Space Mountain but said there was no fire.”

Attraction Status

credit: Kenny

At this time (approximately 5:54 pm Eastern Time), Space Mountain is back open again. However, it is sitting at a 105 minute wait. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover also just literally opened as I type this. The current wait is 45 minutes.

Other Tomorrowland attractions did not close despite the issue. For example, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin has a 65 minute wait right now. It appears Disney World is back to business as usual despite the afternoon’s mishap.

We are thankful no one was injured and that fire crews resolved the issue quickly. Are you at Magic Kingdom today? Did you witness the situation in Tomorrowland? Please share your experience with us in the comments below or on Facebook.

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