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The BEST Festival of the Arts Booth for Kids!

The BEST Festival of the Arts Booth for Kids!
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If you are visiting the Festival of the Arts at Epcot with kids, you have to visit this booth!

Festival of the Arts

Credit: Jaelyn

Festival of the Arts is truly a masterpiece. Running for only a brief period of time from January 14th-February 21st, this festival is “chalk” full of delightful entertainment, beautiful artwork, and delicious bites.

At Kenny the Pirate, we’ve worked hard to cover many of the experiences and food booths to help you plan your very best visit to the festival. Be sure to check out all of the articles on our page prior to planning your visit!

Epcot with Kids and Picky Eaters

Credit: Jaelyn

Epcot is my (Jaelyn’s) favorite park and is a family favorite as well. On a recent weekend trip, my husband, five year old, and I carved out a day to spend at Epcot’s Festival of the Arts.

My five year old is a very picky eater. Oftentimes at Disney World he is eating chicken fingers or Mickey waffles for each and every meal. We wanted to enjoy the food booths at the festival but also needed to find something that he would enjoy. Some of the booths have very delicious food, but the items are a little too adventurous for some children!

Pop Eats

Credit: Jaelyn

By far, my son’s best eaten meal of the weekend trip was his meal at Pop Eats! As fully covered in this article, Pop Eats provides many great food options like a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup (and a more elevated version with bacon, apple, and brie), cake, and a sugar cookie.

The grilled cheese was perfectly approachable for my picky son. It was classic and delicious. He even felt confident enough to venture to try the tomato soup (which he didn’t love, but at least he tried!).

Credit: Jaelyn

He enjoyed the Pop’t Art sugar cookie, but the star of the show for him was the Almond Frangipane Cake. The fun colors and artistic design made this somewhat elevated cake (with raspberry jam and Belgian chocolate) fun enough that even my very picky eater wanted to try it!

Credit: Jaelyn

All in all, Pop Eats is a must visit if you have kids, especially picky kids, on your trip with you to the Festival of the Arts. Have you taken your child to the festival? What was their favorite food booth? Comment below or on our Facebook page to continue the conversation!

-Jaelyn W.

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