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Disney World’s water park will temporarily close!

Disney World's water park will temporarily close!
Credit: Disney

Attractions and even theme parks temporarily close for various reasons. See when and why a Disney water park is closed.

Typhoon Lagoon

Credit: Disney

Typhoon Lagoon has a cool beach vibe. Here, guests enjoy a tropical paradise hit by a typhoon. The theme is well executed and will make you feel like you’re spending the day at the beach! Also, Typhoon Lagoon has one of the largest surf pools in the world. You can even take surfing lessons here!

Typhoon Lagoon remains closed since Disney World re-opened in 2020!

Blizzard Beach

Credit: Disney

Blizzard Beach theming brings guests to the remnants of a ski resort that was hastily built during a freak snowstorm in Central Florida. Afterwards, everything soon melted when the weather went back to normal.

However, the “ice” is left for water park goers! The chairlift fits into the theming perfectly, and saves walking up and down flights of stairs repeatedly. Plus, it’s an attraction on its own!

Temporary Closure

Photo Credit: Disney

Today’s Orlando forecasts calls for temperatures in the 50’s. When Blizzard Beach calls for “Frosty Fun for the Whole Family” they aren’t kidding! When Disney decided whether or not to close a water park, they look at temperatures.

Typically, Disney closes water parks when the temperature falls below 70. After all, who wants to slide and swim wet and cold? Brrr!! Due to low-temperature forecasts today and tomorrow, Blizzard Beach is closed.

If you are planning on going, check the morning temperature before heading out! Hope this doesn’t affect your plans today.

Credit: Disney

Due to low temperatures, Blizzard Beach is closed today and tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on Blizzard Beach closing for weather? Will the dropping temperatures affect your Disney plans? Please share your comments below or continue the discussion on our KtP Facebook Crew page.

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