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Tighter Restrictions for Early Theme Park Entry at Disney World

Tighter Restrictions for Early Theme Park Entry at Disney World
Credit: Monica

Disney only recently debuted Early Theme Park Entry, but they are already placing tighter restrictions on the process. See the new change below. Are you glad they are doing this?

Extended Hours

Credit: Monica

Extra Magic Hours are a thing of the past now that Disney has introduced Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Theme Park Hours. These onsite benefits allow Guests to enter the theme parks early in the morning or stay in the magic later in the evenings.

Every morning at every park, Guests staying onsite can enter 30 minutes prior to official park opening. Onsite hotels include every Disney World resorts and partnering hotels like Shades of Green and Swan and Dolphin.

You can read about my experience at Hollywood Studios on opening day of Early Theme Park Entry HERE. I was able to ride almost everything without a wait!

Tighter Restrictions

Credit: Monica

While I only had to scan my Magic Band once to get in the park, things have already changed just over a week later. At Magic Kingdom, Disney Cast Members are placing tighter restrictions to ensure only onsite Guests are benefitting from Early Theme Park Entry.

Not only will you have to scan your band at park entrance, but you will also have to scan to enter Fantasyland and then once again once you go through the entire queue of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Credit: KtP

This will help keep offsite Guests from getting through the cracks and using a benefit that is not given to them.

We will see if this happens at other parks for other popular attractions. I could see this also being in place for Rise of the Resistance and Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios, Test Track or Frozen Ever After at Epcot, and Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom.

Are you hoping to use Early Theme Park Entry on your next visit? What do you think of Disney closing any loopholes and placing tighter restrictions on the process? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Just wait the early hours and late hours will be gone soon as well. Then what is the point of staying on property especially if you drive there. You pay the same or more for parking at the hotel now. You might as well stay off site for a lot less money for the room and even factoring in the parking is going to be a lot less per night than a Disney property. I am pretty sure that Chapek wants to destroy Disney single handidly.

  2. I was thinking the same…but the other scans I think are more for the after hours at night. That would make sense since regular guests could still be in the park. But this is exactly how it worked previously …so I don’t see this as ‘tighter restrictions’ it just comes with the reinstated feature.

  3. You can ride a couple of rides early I’d you are there ASAP. And it is busy this October because if the 50th Anniversary. Crowds will probably stay high throughout the end of the year.

    We are staying at the Hilton Crystal Palace , one of the early hours hotels. You can get a room there right now for $225 plus parking and park charges. So about $300.

  4. Wow people just need to stop complaining. If you don’t like the rules don’t go…if you don’t like the crowds don’t go. You have choices…if attendance drops they will adjust. Complaining only makes you look bad not Disney!

  5. This is bullcarp, even on those early pics there’s a huge crowd, people are packed shoulder to shoulder, spreading COVID all over each other. The main problem is that Disney isn’t metering entry or limiting daily reservations. The reservation system is useless because they don’t enforce it. Yesterday, Monday in an off season (October) there was a ridiculous huge crowd, hour waits or more on every ride. Why would I pay 100 extra per night to stay onsite to get in 30 minutes early to ride 1 ride without a wait? Worthless. Disney just grabbing and scamming for every extra dollar they can.

  6. I agree with the extra scans, I’ve been behind people who “slid” through the first scan at a ride, but at the second scan and were denied, the person was ranting and raving until the CM told them to leave it they will b escorted off the ride and removed from the MK

  7. You can input your reservation onto the disney experience for the neighboring hotels as well. I just sorted this out myself.

  8. I totally agree with you. Especially in the hotter months. The late nights are the only enjoyable time if you don’t enjoy the heat.

  9. You gotta read the fine print. It’s only MK and Epcot AND it’s only one night a week for each resort (Monday and Wednesday) AND not all of the rides are available.
    Also, it isn’t just the “expensive” hotels like the Polynesian or Grand Floridian, the Swan and Dolphin are on the list. If you search and you’re flexible, you can snag a room there for 200 bucks- or you could even stay on Marriott points.

  10. This is good but it is not fair that only expensive hotel guests get evenings hours all guests at Disney hotels should like in past.

  11. Why are the additional scans required? Surely the initial scan for entering the park should be able to filter out those who aren’t staying onsite.

  12. I think it’s good…with so many other perks being gone for on-site guests, this is a nice perk. It doesn’t compare to EM hours but it’s something.

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