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One major keepsake is missing from the 50th anniversary celebration

One major keepsake is missing from the 50th anniversary celebration
Credit: Disney

Are you celebrating Disney World’s 50th anniversary? There are certain keepsakes Disney is known for, but one of them is actually missing from the parks!

Celebratory Buttons

Credit: KtP writer Donna

Birthdays, anniversaries, first visits. People visit Disney World to celebrate a variety of occasions! Thankfully Disney World has buttons to help show off.

I love grabbing a few of these when we visit for something special. My entire family has birthday buttons because we have all been lucky enough to spend our special days at Disney.

My kids all have 1st visit buttons in a special box right next to their first pair of Mickey ears. These are unique and free ways to add a bit of pixie dust to your trip.

50th Button, where are you?

Credit: Disney

Disney World really went above and beyond with the 50th merchandise. Pre-celebration, exclusive October 1, and vault collections oh my!

There are even new popcorn buckets (both collectible and of the cardboard variety), sippers, and pins. However, Disney did not include a special 50th button for those looking to add it to their shirt or bag.

Instead, we were gifted a special commemorative map and poster on October 1. I was really hoping for a fun button to add to my 50th keepsake box I am putting together. However, I really love the map and poster, which were both unexpected and different.

Credit: Monica

Maybe Disney World will eventually produce a special button. I am sure there will be more surprises in store during this 18-month long event.

In the meantime, you can probably find one online like I saw many people wearing. Or, you can make one at a resort community hall! We made a couple, and we will have more information about this soon!

Why do you think Disney did not make a celebration button? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook. You can also join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion.

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  1. At the Christmas store in Disney Springs, they sell custom buttons. I wonder if they have a 50th button, or if they can make one. We had a custom one made for my son’s birthday. The woman who decorated the buttons has beautiful calligraphy skills. They are not expensive.

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