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A Disney World resort’s reopening is indefinitely delayed

A Disney World resort’s reopening is indefinitely delayed

There are only a few resorts that have not reopened at Disney World. We just received word that one of those resorts will actually not reopen as planned.

Resorts Reopening

Credit: Disney

There are just four resorts that are still closed at Disney World. Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter and All-Star Sports have yet to welcome Guests since last March.

That is all about to change, however! All-Star Music resort just reopened on September 16 with very limited capacity. Port Orleans Riverside will welcome Guests again on October 14 with Port Orleans French Quarter not too far behind on October 28.

Walt Disney World, Character Meet and Greet, Halloween, All Star Sports, Pluto, Goofy
Credit: KtP

Finally, All-Star Sports was set to reopen on December 9.

However, one of those resorts is not reopening after all.

Delayed Indefinitely

Credit: Disney

All-Star Sports is the last All-Star resort to reopen, and we just received word that it will not reopen as planned. Disney shares that it will remain closed while they take the opportunity to refresh the Sports theme area.

The December 9 is off the table, but they did not share a new date.

All-Star Sport’s December 9 reopening date has been indefinitely delayed.

What to do if you have a room booked there

Walt Disney World, Character Meet and Greet, Halloween, All Star Sports, Pluto, Goofy
Credit: KtP

Nothing! Do nothing! Disney will contact you to modify your hotel at no additional cost. It’s true if you contact them you will get first dibs on available rooms. However, the longer you wait the greater your chances are of getting a much nicer upgrade.

Your modification will have no impact on theme park reservations, dining reservations, and other experiences.

Credit: Monica

Before the parks shut down, I had two rooms booked at resorts that did not reopen in July. I was upgraded both times! I was upgraded from All-Star Movies to Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans French Quarter to Coronado Springs. Hopefully you will receive the same pixie dust I did!

Are you booked at All-Star Sports? What do you think of this delay? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

I agree 100% with what Kay said. I’ve been going to Disney since 1971. I’ve seen good and bad through the years. It’s so disappointing to see greed taking over. We have been annual passholders for years and years. No more. The only good thing is we have discovered the many interesting things Florida has to offer. And you don’t need a bank loan to enjoy!


Tuesday 21st of September 2021

When covid hit, many of us were just praying and hoping to make it through. Many people have lost so much. If you’re like me, one of the many things we looked forward too was getting to go somewhere again or even just having what we needed back in stock on the supermarket shelves.

In short, it’s just sad that WDW probably won’t be a place we can afford to get back to anytime soon. We were already spending thousands to truly have some of the best vacations we’ve ever had.

I contacted Disney at and eventually a team member called me back and let me share with her what I had said in my email. It’s not only the pricing, they’ve somehow managed to make it into a regular theme park, instead of the dream park that we visited before.

Traveling still carries risk with it, so to not only justify taking that risk, but with everything mentioned in the article plus some other changes and of course, no dining plans or discounts for dining as well, it just changes the value and somehow cheapens the experience while charging more. I told the team member that I had always felt and knew that my family had received a good value and always left WDW wanting to plan our next trip, but now that decision has been changed to, “ I can’t visit because we need to have something for retirement or the kiddos college fund. Maybe we should visit Atlantis in the Bahamas instead, make those visiting relatives trips into mini vacations, missions or just make more home improvements that we’ve been putting off.”

I won’t rehash my entire argument of why we can’t go anytime soon, but it does make me sad because we had a wonderful time (as a family with disabilities).

However, I am so thankful I got to enjoy WDW while it was still magical. I never got to go as a child and didn’t until I was past 30, so I just count myself blessed that I was able to go at all. My hope rests elsewhere, so to those of you who can still enjoy a WDW vacation, I hope you have fun. I really am happy for you. God bless.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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