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Update: Witness Shares More Information about Ferry Boat Fight

Update: Witness Shares More Information about Ferry Boat Fight
Credit: Susan

Late last night, multiple Guests were recorded engaging in a physical fist fight aboard one of the ferry boats. A witness is sharing more information about the incident and what caused the fight. Read our exclusive story below.

Ferry Boat Fight

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Credit: Susan

A fight broke out between multiple Guests on one of the ferry boats leaving Magic Kingdom on Saturday, September 4. In a video that was posted on social media, it looks like there were about 6 people engaging in a fist-fight while a small child is right in the middle of the scene.

The video started in the middle of the fight and ended when the fight moved out of range, so we are unsure what caused the fight or who started the argument.

You can read more about the situation HERE.

More to the Story

Credit: KtP Writer

The person who recorded the video and posted it on social media exclusively tells Kenny the Pirate that there is more to the story.

She shares that while waiting in line for the ferry there were three families standing around each other and one family (Family A for our purposes, who was ironically NOT in the video) was talking poorly about another family (Family B) in another language.

Credit: Monica

Family B started cussing Family A out, and that is when another family (Family C) spoke up and asked them to stop speaking/acting like that around children.

This made Family B angry, and according to witness reports, they made the first move on Family C by pushing them. A family member from Family B punches someone in Family C for no obvious reason.


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Credit: Susan

The witness states that they were escorted off the ferry and everyone clapped as they were leaving. She says she was not on board the ferry for the beginning of the incident, but a man she spoke with said this is what had started it.

I find it interesting that Family A is not involved in the fight after being the ones who started it. I also find it sad that the family who was trying to stop the poor behavior ended up being involved.

As a reminder, Disney will take appropriate action as needed. It is not worth losing Disney World theme park privileges over a fight. Hopefully all parties are dealt with appropriately by Disney.


  1. We were at Disney world in mid December 2021. Within 10 minutes we were helping break up a fight where a young woman had her hands around the throat of an older woman in a wheelchair. A Disney cast member was comforting the older lady and told her security had been called. She said please don’t call security. That’s my daughter.

  2. You have not clue what family A was saying. I sadly see my fellow Americans all the time lash out at languages they hear, always assuming someone’s talking about them, even in reality they aren’t.

  3. It says in paragraph 9 (approximately) a male passenger told the witness who videoed what started the fight as the witness did not see the beginning of the fight. I’m thinking the man understood the language they were speaking. This is atrocious behavior on everyone’s part especially in front of children.

  4. So much food with Red dye#40 sold at Disney World. It’s band in many other countries because of its side effects…one being aggression and violent outbursts.

  5. How does this eye witness or Family “B” know “Family A” was speaking poorly of “B” if they were speaking a different language? Seems presumptuous to assume that.

    We saw a trash woman push a small kid to meet up with her family at Buzz Lightyear Spin the 1st week of August. She physically pushed the kid instead of saying excuse me or anything. The dad of the kid almost got into a fight with the woman who was cussing and yelling and kept moving forward. Classy.

  6. Where did it all go wrong ? I just watched Wishes. Then I watched Happily Ever After. One is magical the other is cheap projections. Frustration over spills. Not with each other but with the experience. Now it is just a free for all theme park. Before it was our go to magical place. Not anymore. Very very sad.

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