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Extended Downtime for Popular Magic Kingdom Ride – Will it be Open for Boo Bash Tonight?

Extended Downtime for Popular Magic Kingdom Ride - Will it be Open for Boo Bash Tonight?
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One of Magic Kingdom’s most popular rides is experiencing some unexpected downtime today. Guests are receiving notifications regarding the closure. With Boo Bash happening tonight, there may be some disappointed Guests!

Unexpected Downtime

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Issues are likely to rise up at theme parks as technology fails, and Disney World is not immune from this.

PeopleMover is notorious for evacuating Guests, and “it’s a small world” even had an hour and half long process today where Cast Members dragged the boats out to get Guests off the ride.

Guests are dry today

Credit: KtP writer Donna

Splash Mountain is experiencing some unexpected troubles, and Guests are not able to ride at this time. It has reportedly been down all day today, August 27.

If you have never been on Splash Mountain, you “drop” into a whimsical world filled with down-home critters and catchy songs like “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” (which has recently been removed from the Magic Kingdom welcome show).

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The ride is very popular and wait times can become high during busy times.

Splash Mountain is set to undergo a re-theming to Princess the Frog so for Guests who only visit every few years, their last opportunity to ride Splash Mountain may have disappeared today.


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Disney World is sending out a push notification letting Guests know Splash Mountain is unavailable. Melissa Valiquettte, Vice President of Magic Kingdom, goes on to say Cast Members are working diligently to get the attraction up and running again. Finally, she concludes by hoping Guests will enjoy some of the other attractions in the park.

If you have ever received one of these notifications before you know they don’t send them out every time an attraction is down. It is likely this attraction will be unavailable the rest of the day – including Boo Bash tonight.

Credit: Jamie F

This may cause wait times at other attractions to inflate a little, but I wouldn’t expect too much since it is a low capacity event.

Are you at Magic Kingdom today? Were you hoping to ride Splash Mountain? Comment on Facebook and let us know.


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  1. Again, almost every day we are notified that something is down or temporarily closed. It used to be a rare occurrence when a ride was down or not working(other than weather).
    I find it disturbing with all the ride issues, in addition to Skyliner problems, resorts that need to be evacuated. It does worry me in regards to safety.
    You never used to see so many issues. What is the problem?

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