1. The only reason we locals or anyone else wants the fast pass back is because we don’t want to spend our entire day standing in line. No idea why Disney would want that either? People standing in line don’t spend money!!

  2. The only people mad about Fast Pass being free are locals who don’t want to wait in line for rides they have ridden over and over, because some once-in-a-lifetime family got to reserve a spot weeks in advance. Disney isn’t just for Florida residents. The rest of us deserve to schedule a ride without an upcharge.

    And anyone who thinks Fast Pass makes waits longer doesn’t know how to use Fast Pass.

  3. It’s all about the stock price people. The higher the stock price the more the executives at Disney make. Disney are no longer family friendly parks as Walt wanted it. It’s a greedy money grab organization that cares less about its pass holders. Popular rides, shows and firework displays are replaced by inferior attractions and laser shows. The company is systematically deleting popular shows and not replacing them with similar attractions.

  4. I do miss the free fast pass but I have to say I have enjoyed not being tied to a schedule. I have experienced so many fun things without having to rush across the park to make my fast pass time. I also love that the stand by line is always moving. With the fast pass system you have to wait until so many fast pass riders board before they start letting the standby line board. It’s exhausting and frustrating to finally get to the front of the line and then have to wait while what seems like a million fast pass riders board ahead of you. I am an out of state pass holder who use to schedule every single minute of my trip but have found that there are so many wonderful things to see and enjoy without a schedule

  5. Wow what an uppity snobby comment! We stay at deluxe resorts all the time. ALL resort guests should benefit in someway! Who cares if you’re buying annual passes now!

  6. The amount of money being proposed is outrageous. People save for years to take their family to Disney. Asking people to come up with even more money is nuts! Make it part of the package if you stay on property. Offer it as a perk to DVC Members, or go back to it being a free perk.

  7. I have believed that Fastpass made the Standby lines longer for years. I also believe that any time you save using a Fastpass is eaten up by the longer standby lines on the rest of the attractions you ride.

    Fastpass should be killed off forever.

    That said, Universal Express is much better than Fastpass ever was. You go to the front of the line on each attraction As You Come To It… On Your Schedule… Without Having To Make Any Advance Reservations. Yes, you have to pay for it, but that’s why it works. The price limits demand, and Universal limits the number sold so that Express has very little effect on the length of the standby lines.

    The thing I always hated about Disney’s Fastpass was the fact that you are making a “Reservation”. Now you have to plan your day around a schedule. How much time do you waste because you have a Fastpass? Darn, we don’t have time to do this because we have Fastpass!

    Then… When you use your Fastpass… You still have to wait in a long line! Fastpass is free, and because it’s free, there is a lot of demand. To satisfy this demand, Disney issues so many Fastpasses that you still have to wait in a long line that is not as long as the standby line, but still long.

    Universal Express is usually a walk on, or a very short wait. I find a day at Universal to be much more relaxing and enjoyable than a day at Disney. I go to Universal twice a year and I am an annual pass holder. I haven’t been to Disney in 5 years!

  8. Doesn’t disney make enough money, there’s parking to pay for which use to be free, now doing away with magical express now they want money for this. When is it going to stop, this was meant for the average family, not just the rich.

  9. Not buying it… in any form. Fastpasses allowed for planning and prioritizing. They made my 6 visits from Michigan each year fun, enjoyable and relatively stress free. Then came the virtual queue. In my last 6 visits I have experienced the opening and closing of boarding parties during an app refresh. I stood in line for over 3 hours for Flight of Passage…1 ride, because it was my last day at AK, and the lines had been longer all week. The sign at the end of the line said we would wait 2 hours… wrong. I read these articles, but see little that matches my experience. I have seen little masking this year, but lots of line jumping. With fastpasses, everyone without one knows they chose to wait over an hour. There is disappointment. I figure the complaints must be coming from locals who want to show up and take their pick, as opposed to those who plan their Disney vacation and want to ride a few A ticket rides. Disney prices, ticket and AP, are outrageous by any standard. To tack on an extra hundred per day per person, just to have the experiences you already paid to enjoy, is ludicrous.

  10. They need to bring it back for free just as it was before. They should also add the equivalent of Universal’s Express Pass for those who stay at the Deluxe Resorts. This lets them maximize profits by adding a new perk for staying on property at the most expensive resorts without ruining things for regular visitors. They’ve taken away SO MANY perks so far that they need to come up with something to compensate for all that is gone. My family was planning to buy Annual Passes, but decided to wait and see.

  11. I think they should bring it back for free just like it was before. That seemed to be working. :-). It was a perk that Disney offered for free that other parks didn’t and it was available for everyone. If you decide not to use it that’s your fault.

  12. IMHO, while I am disappointed with the removal of yet another perk being removed, I think the biggest problem with this whole paid access pass is the way it’s being presented. It’s currently being talked about as a per ride fee. If it were presented like it is on almost every other park, as a daily access fee, it would likely be more acceptable. Another issue, at Universal, the Express Pass is free with top tier resorts. Same is true at Dollywood. If you stay at the resort, TimeSaver is included. Again, just my opinion.

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