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The Reason for Splash Mountain’s Extended Closure Today Revealed

The Reason for Splash Mountain's Extended Closure Today Revealed

As we wrote earlier, Splash Mountain is experiencing a significant amount of downtime this morning at Magic Kingdom. We now know why. Here’s the latest.

Splash Mountain

This morning, June 29, Splash Mountain is having a rough start. Located in Frontierland, this popular ride takes Guests through the Southern Bayou to help Br’er Rabbit find his “laughing place.” Beware though: you will get wet!

Guests waited in line to be one of the first to ride Splash Mountain for the day, but after only two minutes of opening, the ride had to shut down. You can read about that HERE.

As of publication, the ride is still closed. At the time we were unsure what the reasoning was for the closure. Was it a technical issue? It surely couldn’t be a weather problem either because other outdoor attractions are up and running.

Reason for Downtime

According to our sources, Splash Mountain will be closed for awhile today. A big refurbishment box popped up near the Splash Mountain sign overnight. This indicates some type of technical work that needs to be completed.

Splash Mountain will likely be closed for the majority of the day today, June 29.

At this time, there is no official refurbishment announcement from Disney. This may just be a quick issue that takes a day or so to fix, and we will be sure to keep you updated if the closure extends into the coming days.

What to do without Splash

I know, I know. A day without Splash Mountain can be hard to hear. With this attraction not welcoming Guests today, what is there to do? Thankfully there are plenty of other attractions in Magic Kingdom to experience – including two more mountains!

If you are there at Disney right now, I hope you have another day planned at Magic Kingdom! Only Annual Passholders have access to book a park pass for Magic Kingdom tomorrow. With the return of fireworks on July 1 and the busy holiday weekend, Magic Kingdom is fully booked up for the first several days of the month of July.

Are you bummed about the closure of Splash Mountain today? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


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  1. “The Ride Closed within two minutes of opening” from the first article.
    and the second article, this one, with the heading of “The reason for splash mountains extended closure today revealed” is……. “A big refurbishment box popped up near the Splash Mountain sign overnight”….

    How is it new information if the sign showed up “overnight”? Wouldn’t that imply the sign was there when the first article was posted?

  2. Kenny,
    I recognize you have to have fresh content to monetize the traffic.

    But this is the second article from the same byline, with nearly identical content, posted minutes apart.
    Both refer to each other, but neither actually answer the headline.

    Eventually, the clickbaity articles with no real information will lead to people writing you off as a valid source.

    You offer the the answer of “A big refurbishment box popped up near the Splash Mountain sign overnight.” That could have been in the original article.

    • Hello, at the time of the first article we did not know the reasoning behind the closure. As new information became available to us we shared that with our readers. Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m confused. The title seems to indicate the reason for SM closure would be revealed in the article, but I did not see the reason mentioned.

    • “A big refurbishment box popped up near the Splash Mountain sign overnight.” This indicates that some type of repair work in going on

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