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NEWS: Disney CEO Chapek addresses new CDC mask guidelines

NEWS: Disney CEO Chapek addresses new CDC mask guidelines
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The CDC has recently released guidelines for fully vaccinated people regarding the use of face masks. Now Disney CEO Bob Chapek has made a statement regarding the use of face masks in Walt Disney World. Read more below for all of the details.

Face Masks

Can you skip the face mask in Disney World if you have been vaccinated?

As part of Disney’s focus on health and safety for Cast Members and Guests, face coverings have been required in Walt Disney World since the Resort reopened in July 2020.

The CDC has released new guidelines that state fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear face masks outdoors, and only need to wear them indoors in limited circumstances.

Face masks are still required on public transit and on airplanes, and in U.S. transportation hubs such as Orlando International Airport.

Bob Chapek was asked about Theme Park capacity in today’s Second Quarter 2021 Financial call. When addressing Theme Park capacity, which he admitted has already increased, he also addressed a big topic on everyone’s mind: face masks.

Chapek stated:

“Today’s guidance that we got from the CDC in terms of those that were vaccinated do not necessarily need to wear masks anymore, both outdoors and indoors.”

….(this) is very big news for us, particularly if anybody’s been in Florida in the middle of summer with a mask on. That could be quite daunting.”

“So we think thats going to make for a more pleasant experience…”

The end of masks in Disney World?

Chapek stated that not using masks in Disney World will make for a more pleasant experience, but did not comment further on when we will see this huge change.

Given the guidance from the CDC was just released today, we may see an announcement from Disney in the coming days on their exact stance on masks.

Orange County Florida Health Department Head: Masks Likely Necessary Through 2020

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  1. I think it’s definitely time for Disney to drop their mask mandate! Being vaccinated doesn’t mean that you can’t get it or can’t pass it anyway. Time for life to get back to NORMAL! Let it be optional. If you want to wear a mask – fine; if you don’t, that should be fine as well, and especially outside! Breathe some fresh air!

  2. Umm we dont live in a communist country. The government is not gonna tell me what I can or cant do based on a vaccination they know very little about. They think it only lasts 3 months and you can still get and pass covid while vaccinated. Time to get rid of masks outside. We should have never been wearing them outside! I for one will wear them inside Disney regardless especially if people from other countries are allowed in.

  3. They cannot ask for proof under DeSantis EO, soon to be codified as law. It will be amusing to watch Universal drop their mandate and Disney have to follow

  4. Time for masks to be optional. If the vaccine cant protect me from someone who might have covid then what was the point of getting it? Flu shot isn’t 100% but i still get it each year… And go on living my life like NORMAL

  5. It’s time to do this. The vaccine is available to all, except younger kids and that is coming. There is never, ever going to be 100 percent vaccination rate, and will never be zero percent transmission. That is not a reason to keep every one in masks in perpetuity. People will still be free to wear masks if they so choose. Disney would be extremely foolish to go against the CDC guidelines, and I think ultimately they will not.

  6. I believe masks should be optional. Those who’ve been vaccinated should definitely not be required to wear them outside.

  7. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will change anything regarding mask wearing (for Disney). The CDC stated that this is for those who have been vaccinated. I’m not sure how Disney would go about differentiating vaccinated vs unvaccinated guests. Unless they start asking to see your proof of vaccination ‍♀️

What do you think?

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