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One of Disney World’s most popular attractions is only running at half capacity

One of Disney World's most popular attractions is only running at half capacity
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We are seeing longer wait times for this attraction because it is only loading half the amount of people for the second day in a row.

Ride Capacity at Disney

In recent months, Disney has been increasing ride capacity in the theme parks. With the addition of plexiglass dividers on many of the more popular rides, more Guests are able to get on the attraction than when the parks reopened.

However, due to some kind of issue, one ride at Disney World is back to loading at half capacity. It is arguably one of the most popular rides in all of Disney World – producing some of the longest wait times in any of the parks.

Flight of Passage

So, which ride is it? None other than Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Ride on the back of a banshee in this breathtaking 3d flight over the land of Pandora. First, you will be linked to your banshee and then it will take you through some amazing landscapes! It is my (Monica) favorite ride in all of Disney World.

This morning (May 10), our own Kenny the Pirate is visiting Animal Kingdom and shares that Flight of Passage is indeed running at half capacity for the second day in a row. Guests are only loading into theaters B and C.

He also shares that it took him 45 minutes to get from the forest area of the queue into the actual ride vehicles. Now, on a regular rope drop morning, you can essentially walk through the queue line and straight onto the ride. 45 minutes is quite long for first thing in the morning.

Now, the posted wait time is already at 145 minutes at 8:30 in the morning! Yesterday it was also posting similar wait times as well.

How will this affect your day at Animal Kingdom?

Hopefully whatever issue is plaguing Flight of Passage will be resolved soon. Having one of the most popular rides only loading at half capacity is not ideal at all.

If you are visiting today (or any other day when the wait time is long), I suggest keeping an eye on the wait time and heading over to Pandora when you see it dip a bit. You can also ride just before closing so you aren’t using valuable park time to wait in line.

Of course, we always recommend trying to get to Animal Kingdom an hour before posted opening time. You will be let in early and allowed to ride Flight of Passage before the posted opening time of the park.

What’s the longest you have ever waited in line for Flight of Passage? Let us know by commenting below or on Facebook.

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  1. We have never waited longer than 20 minutes and most of that was walking in. We have always had a fast pass. Still waiting for those day to return.

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