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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Buys a New Multi-Million Dollar Home

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Buys a New Multi-Million Dollar Home
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When one is the CEO of a multi-billion company such as Disney, a nice house comes with the territory. Bob Chapek recently purchased a home in Westlake Village Estate. Wait until you see the price and pictures of his new home!

Bob Chapek

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In February of 2020, Bob Chapek was named chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company. He replaced Bob Iger, who will remain as Executive Chairman until December 2021.

He was also elected in April 2020 to the Walt Disney Company’s Board of Directors.

Before becoming CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Chapek he served as the Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, which is now held by Josh D’Amaro.

His New Home

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Bob Chapek has sold his old home which is located in the same neighborhood. He upgraded to a bigger home with a bigger price tag!

The cost of his mansion is $12.5 million!

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The executive’s new six-bedroom trophy property clocks in at nearly 10,000 square feet and sits on six acres.

Chapek’s residence is an hour northwest of Downtown L.A and is in a guard-gated community.

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Chapek and his wife first purchased their home located in Westlake Village Estate in 2019. At that time, they purchased their Mediterranean-inspired villa home for $5.3 million.

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Built in 2001, their first home includes 7 bedrooms and 8 baths in nearly 9,000 square feet of living space. It also includes an infinity pool, poolside guesthouse, and 1.4 acres of lushly landscaped grounds.

The house currently is on the market and listed at $7.495 million dollars and has a $650 monthly HOA fees which cover the gate guard and beautification costs for the golf-course adjacent community.

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Inside the Home

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His new home was built in 2013 and is completely single-story. It was originally custom designed by its original owner. The home spans more than six acres, sits well of out neighborly sightlines behind its own private gates, and up a long private driveway.

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The home also includes an attached five-car garage and palatial motorcourt with room for 15+ additional vehicles.

It includes an onyx-topped wet bar, skylit library, and a mirror-walled gym.

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A total of 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths encompass several ensuite guest rooms and the master retreat, which is itself the size of a small house and contains a sitting area, plus a showroom closet and bathroom.

French doors open to patios with broad views of surrounding hills.

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The home also includes a separate two-bedroom guesthouse.

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Although Chapek and his wife are no strangers to their new neighborhood some of their famous neighbors include The Miz of WWE, Heather Locklear, Rams Wide Receiver, Cooper Kupp and Trisha Paytas, a internet celebrity.

Which is your favorite room in Chapek’s new home? I have to admit that I love the entry way to his front door!  Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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  1. I have no problem with CEO’s spending millions on lavish homes. If they worked their way up, go for it. I have a problem with the fact this guy is running certain segments of the company into the ground in several ways, one prime example being gutting the extras and entertainment while simultaneously claiming the “cast members are the entertainment”. If you want to continue to charge full price, then add some of the entertainment back, whether paid (like the Luau, HDDR, dessert parties) or free (Parades, fireworks, more of the Epcot bands, trolley show, etc., even if they require a reservation of sorts at the beginning) as well as resort entertainment (GFSO, torch lighting at Poly). P & R division lost billions last year BUT the cuts and penny pinching were starting before the onset of the Covid closure. Raising the price and continuing the cuts is a bit of a stinger. As for Disney holding off on things like fireworks, etc., I suspect they are fine with using “health & safety” protocols as an excuse but if they really wanted to do so, they could figure it out. They used to get everyone out of the parks in order to have hard ticket parties, or Moonlight Magic events which include fireworks and characters and had far fewer people. They could figure it out and bring these things back. It is not rocket science to figure out ways to adapt. Health and safety is a good excuse, (and was a necessary protocol for the earlier reopening months) but they also sell doughnuts the size of a child’s head, and cupcakes with 5 inches of frosting, so I am not sure how much at this point this is about “health and safety” vs. “not getting sued” and “not having to pay for fireworks, free entertainment and such”. If they were really working out ways to move forward with these things (and FL has no restrictions on this), then I would be happy if he bought a 20 million dollar house. But you are the CEO. Figure out ways to move forward more effectively, and earn it.

  2. It bothers me that a good number of his employees have to receive government subsidies to survive and he lives in a palace. We,the taxpayers, pay for the subsidies. That is wrong. Disney should be made to pay employees enough so that government subsidies are not not necessary to keep them in a livable income.

  3. It annoys me to read this when I think about how cast members have struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic, yet he chooses to ‘upgrade’ to a larger multi-million dollar home from his previous estate. Doesn’t settle well with me. We also heard previously about other Disney execs and their million-dollar bonuses they received during the pandemic. Seems quite excessive to me when others struggled to put food on the table.

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