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All Guests Unexpectedly Kicked out of Orlando Area Resort

All Guests Unexpectedly Kicked out of Orlando Area Resort
Credit: experiencekissimmee.com

Could you imagine heading to Orlando for a magical vacation only to be kicked out of your hotel? That is exactly what happened to guests of a resort in Kissimmee. See the full story below.

Champions World Resort

On Thursday, April 1, Champions World Resort in Kissimmee closed without any sort of announcement. The hotel is located on Highway 192 just outside the main gate of Walt Disney World.

Hotel employees began knocking on doors letting guests know they had until 4:00 pm that day to pack their belongings and vacate the premise.

The reason? According to one guest, the property had been sold. Champions World Resort’s website had a message confirming the reasoning. However, the website has been fully taken down since the announcement. When I try to access the website, a 404 error occurs and the URL cannot be found.

Could you imagine taking a vacation to Orlando, wanting to visit the area’s many attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, only to be left without a place to stay?

I would be absolutely livid if this situation happened to myself and my family.

Not only were guests kicked out, but hotel employees were also promptly let go from their jobs at the hotel.

Spring Break Travel

This is an extremely unfortunate incident to occur any time of the year, but given the amount of Spring Break visitors coming to the area, this is even more frustrating.

Local news station WESH spoke with a guest of the hotel who said Champions World Resort was booked to capacity at the time it closed. The guest tried calling several other area hotels only to be told that those hotels were also fully booked. She and her family were trying to enjoy a 2 week vacation and take some time to relax.

WESH also spoke with a man who had driven all the way from Indiana only to find out the hotel had closed when he tried to check in. There was no courtesy call or message delivered ahead of time. Champions World Resort has not responded to comment at this time.

We hope those displaced guests were able to find hotel accommodations for the remainder of their stay in the Orlando area.


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  1. This is very misleading. Champions World is not a Disney resort but Disney photos are included throughout the entire post. Your writing should include clearer information, Ms. Street.

    • Hi, thanks for reading. Unfortunately, we have no photos of the resort other than the first image which was provided via the Kissimmee tourism website. We try to use only official photos or photos that our team has taken. Since we had no photos (the resort website was shut down) I chose to use some generic Disney ones. The writing itself was very clear which resort was closed.

  2. Why would another entity buy the hotel and not smoothly transition? Its a business and it just lost a ton of money.

  3. That’s so messed up. People saved for years to take a family vacation and traveled long distance and then
    having to try and explain to kids they can’t go to Disney,sea world etc. And now they got to deal with a dispute process and whomever the new company is when they open I would not do business with them

  4. I’m with you I wouldn’t have moved at all until they had something else booked and a refund right then. I wouldn’t care if it came out of the safe.

  5. It’s still a hassle, plus I’m sure plenty of people bought Disney tickets and other attraction tickets, etc that they may not be able to have refunded. Plus it’s not just about the money for the resort but if these people had to pay more to stay somewhere else or change travel plans to get back home, etc

  6. That’s a bad situation , I fell so sorry for the guest and employees . Me and my best friend used to stay in this hotel every year vacation to Disney . I can’t imagine if we were there , travel all the way from Brazil where we live and kicked out of the hotel without explanation . I read in another article that the new owner shut down the light hours after everyone was out . That’s unfair for everyone involved!!!

  7. Sure just like that the money you scrimped and saved. Magically appears with a 5 star hotel attached. What planet are you from? These people need their money and a hotel and food NOW.

  8. I thought Champions was Disney owned? If so, why couldn’t the guests of the hotel get refunds from Disney – even if the property was sold???

  9. They definitely will not immediately give you your money back. You will need to sign affidavits and they will investigate and it may take several weeks at best.

  10. I am staying right there till someone comes and forces me out . There was agreement entered into , a legal binding contract .From what the article said, the employees were let go also so they are not going to try very hard to kick you out.

  11. Ah yes, that’s ALL you have to do. Oh, that AND find another hotel nowhere near as close as the one you booked, and try not to let your furor show to your family as you pack up and move to a hotel 50 miles away instead of spending the day as planned in the park. For real?

  12. In this day and time it does not suprise me this happened as places like this dont give a crap about customer service anymore.. ONLY $$$
    Disney should intervene but probably won’t. After living in a pandemic, hurting for business and this is how u repay people????
    Very sh……yy.

  13. There was a several families stay by AAU basketball kids . They kicked out without any reasons included employes .Everything occur in minutes. They dont gives us the refunds or located in other hotel .

  14. You would think that the hotel would have stopped booking if they knew there was a potential sale. Can you imagine the thousands that people probably spent for Disney tickets in conjunction with this hotel stay? How horrible !

  15. All you have to do is call your credit card company and dispute the charges, even if paid for months ago. You didn’t get the service you paid for and they will give you a credit on your credit card immediately and investigate to find out the truth and your credit will be permanent.

  16. I heard that it may be several business days for refunds to be processed. I’m sure that will put many who saved up for this vacation in a bind.

  17. I was one that had a reservation for a 4/2/2021 there and I did not get a call or anything and had to go back home ( no hotel for 30 miles around Orlando) & I have not got my refund as today 4/4/2021?

  18. Its horrible that they did not inform the guests in advance. Very poorly done. I hope they get immediate refunds and hopefully another hotel can accommodate them. What an awful way to have to spend their vacations.

  19. We recently had an extended stay there. Thought it was a pretty cool place and affordable. We missed this unfortunate turn of events by mere weeks.
    Its just wrong on so many levels. I feel so badly for the renters and more so for thise employees. Simply cruel

  20. I’d be on the phone to my bank or credit card company to dispute the charges. I also smell.a class action lawsuit coming as well.

  21. The hotel should be fined a Large fee! Too bad that doesn’t help all the guests ! Now who knows when they will ever or if get refund at all!

  22. There are plenty of places that have availability. However, the inconvenience is insane! It is unbelievable that a company was okay with handling a change of ownership this way.

  23. No, I read in another article that they were told that a 3rd party would be responsible for providing them with refunds at a later date… good luck with that! What a horrible situation… I would literally refuse to leave.

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