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Rapper accuses Disney of ruining his trip because they would not make exception to mask policy

Rapper accuses Disney of ruining his trip because they would not make exception to mask policy
Credit: Disney

A rapper is accusing Disney of ruining his family’s trip because they denied access to his little cousin. Read the full story here, and then let us know if you think there should be exceptions for the mask policy.

Mask Policy

Disney has made it extremely clear what the mask requirements are while visiting the theme parks and resorts.

Since the reopening of the resorts and parks last summer, face coverings are required for Guests ages 2 and up. The only exceptions are while eating and/or dinking (while stationary), swimming, while relaxing in one of the designated areas, or staying in the hotel room. Otherwise, masks are required at all times.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

Refused Entry

A rapper by the name of Joey Bada** (full name edited out for cursing) is accusing Disney of ruining his family’s trip because his maskless autistic cousin was refused entry at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

He shared a video on his Instagram account with the following caption:

Never coming back to Disney again.

Here’s Luis, Cameron, and Kaitlyn and they just turned away an autistic child at Disney World because he didn’t want to wear his mask. The child thinks the mask is suffocating, the child also has no idea why it is even a requirement. Not to mention that, kids under 2, doesn’t have to wear a mask. These guys have completely ruined my family’s trip. We came out here 30+ for my daughters bday and they turned my lil cousin away, can’t even enjoy this experience anymore. @disney @waltdisneyworld @disneystudios @disneyland

You can check out the full video on his Instagram page.

Should there be exceptions?

While many people cannot wear a mask for various reasons, Disney has not budged from its original face covering policy.

We would love to hear from you: do you think Disney should make exceptions to the policy? Should there be some leniency regarding who can visit the theme parks without a mask?

Head over to the Facebook page and share your thoughts with us. You can also join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion there or comment below.


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  1. “Masks especially when worn for hours in the heat are extremely harmful to the wearer. Problems range from hypoxia, dental issues, and damaged immune systems.”

    Lies. Unless you have some peer reviewed studies proving it. Doctors wear masks for 12+ hour surgeries all the time. There has been a video of a doctor wearing multiple masks at once, then putting on a pulse oxygen monitor and going jogging with *no* change to his blood oxygen level. Stop spreading these lies.

  2. So proud of Disney for not caving to this person and his entitled attitude. There are signs everywhere with the policies and expectations concerning the wearing of masks. I hope Disney backed the cast members dealing with this bully.

  3. Read and know the rules BEFORE you go. I was there last summer after the parks reopened. It was very hot but we visited relaxation areas when needed and limited our park hours. No one should feel entitled nor should they bash Disney for having rules. Honestly, I feel safer in Disney than my local supermarket. I know I get temperature checked before entering the parks and Disney Springs and mask policies are strictly enforced.

  4. The entire mask charade is ridiculous. Masks especially when worn for hours in the heat are extremely harmful to the wearer. Problems range from hypoxia, dental issues, and damaged immune systems.

    But in spite of that reality, 1) Disney has a policy in place and is NOT making exceptions whatsoever. 2) Don’t just assume you’re going to show up somewhere and have any exceptions to any rules made.

  5. Disney is very clear and upfront about what the rules are. If he didn’t research beforehand, shame on him. If he went expecting the rules to be bent for him, double shame on him….none of us should be above the rules. Thanks to Disney for keeping us all safe.

  6. Ok, I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but hear me out. Disney is a private company. It is NOT a right, but a privilege to go. They have a lot of rules. Maybe you should read them before you go. Maybe you should practice wearing a mask with your autistic child to get them used to wearing one. I feel for your family, having to deal with a child on the spectrum, but the world does not rotate around you. I will never understand why a family will say “My child can’t deal with big crowds, loud noises, stand in long lines, is afraid of characters… so lets take them to WDW and expect everyone to treat us special.” If you had a child that didn’t like sand, afraid of birds and couldn’t swim, would you take them to the beach every summer? If the child can’t do masks, then don’t take them to a public place with a massive crowd of people. Plain and simple.

  7. I’m so over entitled people who think they shouldn’t have to follow rules. My daughter is a Little Person. Although she’s 38 years old she does not meet the height requirements. She doesn’t expect to be able to ride. It’s a rule for a reason. Who cares if they don’t go back? Obviously they think they’re special. Thanks Disney World for attempting to keep us safe.

  8. I think there should be no exceptions and I’m glad that Disney has been strict and stuck by this policy. There are too many gray areas otherwise, and everyone would come up with some reason not to wear a mask. No one loves wearing it but Disney has been straightforward and open about the policy, so no one can claim they didn’t know before going to Disney World during a pandemic.

  9. The term ‘chinese virus’ should never, ever be stated, written, etc.. It is a rascist term. Pandemic, Covid 19, Covid Virus or Virus are all acceptable.

  10. No exception should be made. And I question the accuracy of your statement that “many people can not wear a mask for various reasons. While there might be a rare case where a person has a psychological/emotional reason they can not wear a mask, truly physical reasons for not wearing a mask are very few , if any at all. The vast majority of people who claim they “ cannot wear a mask” really mean they “do not want to wear a mask”

  11. What are people talking about “no exceptions”Exceptions are made every day for princesses and other “face” characters because Disney is a bunch of hypocrites. Every one of the employees should wear masks absolutely no exceptions.

  12. Just returned yesterday from a week in Disney with my severely autistic niece. We only got to spend 2-3 hours a day in the park before the mask became a reason to melt down. My sister had worked with her for a long time to make it that long. Although it affected us, we knew the rules. That is why we were happy to go for a little while then spend the day at the pool. Rules are for everyone and that is how it should be.

  13. No exceptions! Also I wouldn’t want to go if exceptions were made to put me at risk more than the basic risk of going during a pandemic which is small when we wear our mask.

  14. Rules are rules if you can’t fellow them then don’t go and cause a seen. Some people use illnesses to get a way with things. Like being in a wheel chair to get ahead on ride or at the airport family boarding parents with kids under 3 it’s ok but. Up to 6 years I think that’s going a little overboard by that age kids should be thought to be patient.

  15. Your comments are very offensive. Everyone is equally at risk. If you have issues with others stay home with your negative attitude.

  16. There is no reason for people not to wear masks. They knew the policy before attending the park. My daughter is a doctor and only ptst are exempt from mask wearing (a person whom has suffered from strangulation) where we live. If you don’t want to abide by the criteria set out don’t attend you are not that special.

  17. No exceptions. Parents need to find ways of making a child wear the mask if they plan to go to WDW. They can make games. Everyone in the family wears a mask at home. Masks which have something the child likes on them. Act like it is a privilege. Don’t force the issue, let the child think he is missing out on something. Donut let the child hear any discussions which are negative about masks.
    This reminds me of the uproar over searching children by the TSA. The child was taking cues from the parents on how to react. Before hand the parents should have prepared the child of the possibility and the reason for it. Personally I favored subjecting children because certain terrorists would blow up their children for the cause.

  18. I don’t care if the cousin is Jesus Christ with COPD, no exceptions to the mask policy. That autistic child could be asymptotically carrying the virus that could be transmitted to me if he sneezes and kill me because I have chronic kidney disease. I will not go to my magical place until the pandemic is over, and the rapper and his family can wait just as I and many other people will. This is a serious disease. The relative of a friend died of it, and one of my friends almost died. Is a vacation to anywhere worth endangering another, equally valuable human being?

  19. No exceptions right now. I have an autistic son and I know that if he will wear a mask, we can go to most public places, but if he will not, we don’t. It’s that clear. So many want the rules for others, but not for themselves. Right now, until more are fully vaccinated or we reach herd immunity, then masks are the standard….even if I don’t agree.

  20. If you are going to post controversial topics like this I sincerely hope you delete the comments of clearly racist people. This is one page I come to to avoid this.

  21. Just because you feel you are above the rules does not change the rules.
    You are informed every step of the way…. if he chooses to make an ass out of himself so be it…
    He nor any one else is not special.
    He and is family have a choice to go and follow the rules or not go.
    End of story.

  22. I’m autistic. I say absolutely no exceptions. People who can’t wear a mask for medical reasons (autism is not a medical reason as it is not a medical condition!) should not go to Disney World until it’s fully open again. This is literally part of their policy. They advertise this. The rules apply to everyone.

  23. I think if you make one exception it will be a problem. More people will want an exception for multiple reasons, some not legitimate other than not wanting to wear a mask. If you do not like a rlule, do not go. The rule is there to protect others as well as yourself.

  24. No, the requirements should be upheld. Visitors that don’t like wearing masks should wait until the requirement has been lifted.

  25. If you make an exception for one you make an exception for more. The rules are there for a reason and as Dora has said, you know the rules before you go. Why do you think Disney has been so successful so far health wise. The RULE! I don’t like masks either but if they are going to keep me safe I wear it-all the time. No Exceptions!!!

  26. You know the rules before you go. Just because you think you and your family is all high and mighty, doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to you.

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