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Ex-Cast Member charged with stealing $34000 from Disney World

Ex-Cast Member charged with stealing $34,000 from Disney World
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An ex-Cast Member was charged with stealing $34,000 from Disney World. Check out the details on how she managed to steal that much and what she was charged with. Spoiler: it’s not what you think.

An ex-Cast Member’s schemes

A Davenport woman managed to steal $34,000 from Disney World during her two years working at the Magic Kingdom’s Ticket and Transportation Center ticket booth.

Here’s what she did:

A Guest would come to the ticket booth and purchase a MagicBand. She would activate the MagicBand for the Guest, collect cash from that Guest, but then void the transaction. She would then keep the cash for herself. According to Disney’s records, she only sold 1,965 MagicBands while activating 3,272 in 2018 alone. With the average MagicBand costing $25, that’s some serious cash.

She also had fewer cash sales compared with other Cast Members.

Because of these red flags, it put the woman on Disney’s radar. Disney fraud investigators pretended to be Guests on two separate occasions and paid with cash. Both times they did not receive a receipt and noticed the cash was not properly placed in the cash register.

Her charges

She admitted to stealing the money between January 2017 and May 2019. She claimed she was using the money to pay bills and help her mother out by sending her $100 every month.

The Orange County sheriff’s office investigated her for grand theft, but she was ultimately only charged with two misdemeanors. The charges come from the cash she was accused of stealing from the two MagicBands she sold to undercover Disney fraud investigators.

She pleaded no contest to petit theft back in October. Her sentence included 12 months of probation, community service, a $273 fine, and a seminar on impulse control. Additionally, she is no longer allowed back at Walt Disney World.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel


  1. Thats just ridiculous! It really makes me mad to see this when people are working their butts off for minimum wage doing the right thing then someone like this just gets a slap on the wrist? Wow just wow!

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