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All the Matching Family Pajamas for the Holidays this Year

All the Matching Family Pajamas for the Holidays this Year
credit: Kohls

After searching extensively for the right Christmas jammies for my family, I thought I’d share all of the Disney ones I found! Which ones do you like best?

When my daughter requested that we get matching Christmas pajamas for the holiday, I think she just assumed I would buy Disney ones!

I (Rebecca) was surprised by just how many choices there were at various shops! Some of the shops were children’s stores I wouldn’t have thought to look at for adult options.

Pic from Hanna Andersson

Let’s take a look at your options if you’d like to bring a little Disney cheer into your family photos this year.


Obviously, the first place I looked was on the shopDisney site. We have purchased holiday pajamas at the Disney Store before.

Christmas 2014

One thing that works in the favor of shopDisney is that the pattern is the same each year, so it would be possible to simply add a pair for new family members or those who have outgrown the previous year’s pajamas.

2020 print, from shopDisney site

Ulitmately, I don’t care for the embroidery. Both my son and I have sensory issues and find it uncomfortable.

The print is really cute, but I’m not into the one piece

This year, shopDisney offered an additional print, which my daughter and I thought was really cute! However, for adults the only option was the one piece and that got a veto from dad.


Target has two Mickey mouse Christmas pajama options this year! There’s white traditional collared pajamas and there are fleece pants with plaid Mickey Mouse heads.

Mickey Pajama pants, Target $7-$10

I wasn’t a big fan of the fleece pant/plaid Mickey head option. I just didn’t find it aesthetically pleasing and thought it might not show up well in photos.

Pic from Target. $17-$25

As for the white, I tend to avoid buying white anything. I worry it will be too see through, and I didn’t want to fret about that for our family photos.

Also, the smaller prints tend to get washed out in photos.

Pottery Barn Kids

So, I moved on to Pottery Barn Kids. The Mickey Holiday pajamas at Pottery Barn Kids had several strikes against them in my book.

Pic from Pottery Barn Kids, $39.50-$69.50

First of all, they are white. Second, the cost is a bit high. Finally, Pottery Barn shoppers must get started shopping early because the only adult sizes left are Small and Extra Small.

I do love the Mickey snowman, though!

Next year I’ll check this site sooner

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson offers the most choices of any store on this list!

Pic from Hanna Andersson

There are two colors of matching Mickey Jammies, multiple Star Wars options, Mandolorian and a really cute Marvel option!

Pic from Hanna Andersson

Ulitmately, I didn’t love either of the Mickey options and wasn’t looking for Star Wars or Marvel. For those prices ($28-50 per piece), I needed to love them to order.

pic from Hanna Andersson

Note: Hanna Andersson was the only place I noticed Hanukkah matching pajamas, though they were not Disney.


Finally I found the ones I felt were right for my family!

Kohls had cute Mickey holiday pajamas at a decent price. They also had an extensive range of sizes, including plus size.

Here’s our final choice:

pic from Kohls, $16.80-$37.80

Check out more Disney Holiday Merchandise here and here. For Universal (Harry Potter!) click here.

Which ones do you like the best? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group!

-Rebecca W Davis


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