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Sneak Peek of Disney on Ice Little Mermaid Performance

Sneak Peek of Disney on Ice Little Mermaid Performance
Credit: KtP Writer Christina

I just received an email from Disney on Ice with some fun videos to watch to stay connected to the magic. I absolutely love Disney on Ice. We were able to catch a performance of the Dream Big show back in 2017 which featured all princess performances. It was an incredible show for all ages!

Disney on Ice is currently streaming an extended sneak peek of two full-length performances of the Little Mermaid from the Mickey’s Search Party show.

The first number is “Under the Sea” and features Ariel, Sebastian and all their underwater friends gliding across the ice and doing lots of fun moves and lifts.

The second performance is a mashup of some orchestral scores from the Little Mermaid movie and a modern cover of “Kiss the Girl”.

In this ice dancing routine, Ariel and Prince Eric soar high above the ice on aerial ropes.

It is absolutely breathtaking to watch. I love seeing people do aerial stunts. They make it look so effortless, when it is anything but that.

At one point in the video, Ariel is literally hanging across Eric’s feet in the air while he clutches the ropes above. It is truly spectacular to watch.

check out the video below:

YouTube player

There is also a sneak peek of the Be Our Guest performance from the same show available to watch:

YouTube player

While we can’t physically attend a Disney on Ice show at the moment, this is the next best thing!

I would also encourage you to check out the rest of the Disney on Ice website.

I found a lot of fun things on there from coloring pages, behind the scenes videos, and activity kits for kids.

There is also a short clip of the performers showing you how they put on their makeup for the show. I would have liked it to be longer though, it was very short and not very detailed.

Check out my Ariel princess makeup tutorial HERE, if you are interested in a more in-depth overview on how to do Disney princess makeup.

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