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NBA Releases Statement on Horrible Meals Inside Disney Bubble

NBA Releases Statement on Horrible Meals Inside Disney Bubble
image from player Troy Daniels

After numerous players posted photos of the less-than-impressive meals delivered to them inside the Disney quarantine bubble, the NBA has released a statement on player food options. Read on for details.

Now that 6 teams have arrived to the Disney bubble in Orlando, players from the Nets, Magic, Suns, Nuggets, Jazz and Wizards have started to have food delivered to their rooms.

Some players have taken to social media to mock the food, calling it “fancy airline food” and drawing comparisons between the meals and the “VIP meals” served at the infamous Fyre Festival.


Nuggets player Troy Daniels shared a picture of his food, which was served with all components individually wrapped and arrived in a plastic bag.


The NBA clarfied in a statement on Wednesday that the food options will improve.

After the mandatory 48 hour quarantine, players must take two coronavirus tests taken two hours apart. Once the 48 hours have passed and the tests are negative, players are permitted to eat meals together.

Teams have brought their own nutritionists with them, who will be meeting with Disney culinary teams to create menus that support specific team dietary needs, according to CBS Sports.

Chef Donald Duck, not an actual Disney Chef, could probably throw together a salad and potato chips

After the quarantine period, players will have access to various restaurants at the resorts within the bubble and can have food delivered.

Burger from the Grand Floridian Cafe

Players are even permitted to have food prepared by a private chef offsite and brought to them, at their own expense of course.

“After clearing quarantine, players will also have access to various restaurants on campus and delivery options to choose from. Players will receive three meals a day and four meals on gamedays. There is never a shortage of food options – players can always request additional food by speaking with their team nutritionists.”

-Unnamed NBA Spokesperson

The NBA season will resume on July 30, and the teams will occupy three Disney resorts.

I know many sports fans are excited to see some live games again! We at Kenny the Pirate will keep you updated about the NBA Season at Disney World.

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  1. I would think the NBA bubble would count as quarantining. They aren’t allowed to mingle with the public for much longer than 14 days. For now, they’re stuck in their rooms and then their hotels until practice/play begins and even then, they can’t have contact with people outside the NBA for the duration of the season.

  2. I am assuming since you specified “Players are even permitted to have food prepared by a private chef offsite and brought to them, at their own expense of course.” that means they’re probably not even paying for these “measly” meals themselves. I guarantee there are plenty of food-insecure families in the US that would love those meals.

    • That’s AFTER the 48 hour initial quarantine. This is the only food available to them in the first 48 hours. And those other options are at player’s expense. Thanks for reading.

  3. Entitled, ungrateful, immature bellyachers. This is ridiculous. Oh if only we could have it as “rough” as they do. How utterly rude.

  4. why can the players from NY be able to go to Disney but others can not, and again the lowes rate in country and that Governor still bans just the Tri state area of which is really only NYC and surrounding cities not the whole state

    • This is a great question! I looked around and I didn’t find anything about the Brooklyn Nets having to do a 14 day quarantine upon arriving, as other travelers from NY do. Thanks for reading & I’ll update if I find anything out

  5. Overpriced crybabies….. Seriously….it’s a temporary situation and they can’t live with that…. I won’t be watching Basketball anytime soon….Disney or no Disney….

  6. Wow! Spoiled much? Grow up, at least you have food! There are millions of people around the world who would give ANYTHING for that piece of bread. Plus it’s temporary!?! Wow. Just to play basketball. Sad.

  7. Why should they eat better at Disney than the rest of us? Disney food in general is not that great. I call those complaining spoiled babies. May not be a popular opinion but they’re not really that special. Get over yourselves.

  8. Why not be grateful for food? Its only temporary, and our vacation had to be cancelled because you guys had to come in to play a few games to have a “season.” We would have gladly stayed our resort and eaten that food :)

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