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California Lays out 4-Stage Reopening Plan, Disneyland Reopening Could be Pushed Back Months

California Lays out 4-Stage Reopening Plan, Disneyland Reopening Could be Pushed Back Months

The governor of California has just announced a 4-stage reopening plan. Disneyland’s reopening could be pushed back several months as a result.

Just yesterday, Governor Newsom announced a plan to reopen the state of California after the coronavirus pandemic. In the plan, he laid out 4 stages the state would go through to get the state back up and running.

Here’s a breakdown of that plan:

Stage 1: Safety and Preparedness

  • The state will build up testing, PPE, and hospital capacity
  • Prioritize safety for workers and customers in essential workplaces
  • Prepare safety guidelines for expanded work force, broken down by industry

Stage 2: Lower-risk Workplaces

  • Gradually open some lower-risk businesses and workplaces, adapted for social distancing
  • Curbside pickup for retail businesses
  • Reopen manufacturing businesses
  • Office workers may return if telework is not possible
  • Increase access to public spaces

Stage 3: Higher-risk Workplaces

  • Use restrictions on gathering sizes and other limits to reopen higher-risk workplaces
  • Salons and gyms reopen with restrictions
  • Sports (without live audiences) and movie theaters
  • Religious services return to in-person settings
Man Arrested for Breaking into Disneyland

Stage 4: End of Stay-at-Home Order

  • The highest-risk environments will be reopened once appropriate treatments are developed
  • Live sporting events with fans
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Conventions

The state is currently in Stage 1 now.

According The Mercury News, “If social distancing pushes down the number of new cases, Newsom says the second stage could come in a matter of weeks. Stage 3 is months away, and the final stage of reopening fully is contingent on the development of treatment, meaning it is a matter of several months, maybe more than a year.

Siince Disneyland falls in the 4th category, along with live sporting events, concerts, festivals, and conventions, it may not reopen until there is treatment or a vaccine.

Like everything else in this situation, this reopening plan is fluid and will likely change in the coming days, weeks, and possibly even months.

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Florida’s Approach to Reopening

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to make an announcement today regarding the reopening of the state. The various task forces in Florida have been busy trying to get the state back up and running.

They have laid out some guidelines that would need to be adhered to in order for theme parks, hotels, restaurants, and more to reopen. Some of those include reduced capacity, mask wearing, more hand sanitizing stations, and employees staying home if they are ill.

What do you think of California’s reopening plan? Do you think Disneyland will remain closed for several months? Let us know on Facebook.


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