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Initial Guidelines for Disney World Reopening Established

Initial Guidelines for Disney World Reopening Established

The Orange County Task Force has established some initial guidelines Disney World would need to follow in order to reopen. More details are outlined below.

As we all anxiously await Orlando area theme parks to reopen, the Task Force is meeting to get things back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

They have outlined some initial guidelines for theme parks, hotels, bars, restaurants, and more to follow in order to reopen. Please note that these are initial requests, meaning they will likely be evaluated and revised over time.

Also worth noting is that there are different guidelines for smaller theme parks compared to the large theme parks in Florida.

Let’s take a look at what would be required and encouraged for theme parks overall and large theme parks (Disney and Universal).

Overall Guidelines for Theme Parks

  • Tape marking of 6 feet apart in ride/attraction queues
  • Staff to regularly wipe surfaces down at random
  • Phase 1 and 2: Staff 65 years of age and older are encouraged to stay home
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Large Theme Park Mandates

  • All employees are required to wear face masks
  • Touchless hand sanitizer at each ticketing entry and turnstile
  • Touchless hand sanitizer at each and every ride/attraction entry and exit
  • Temperature checks for staff prior to shift (temperature above 100.4 may not enter premises)
  • All employees with flu-like symptoms advised to stay home
  • Wipe down of all railings and surfaces after every use
  • Phase 1: 50% capacity
  • Phase 2: 75% capacity

Hotels, restaurants, and bars have separate guidelines. For example, during Phase 1, housekeeping services will be limited to allow for minimal guest and employee exposure.

Paper/disposable menus would be required at restaurants, and delivery/take out options would be encouraged instead of dining in.

Everything was discussed at the task force meeting can be found below. You can find the guidelines and mandates for all industries around the 15-minute mark of the video.

What do you think of these initial guidelines and mandates? Is there anything you think can be implemented that was not mentioned? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.


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  1. I’d rather just wait until it’s safe to go outside and be in a similar situation as it was before. I don’t want to go back to a crappy experience… and that sounds terrible. We’re AP holders too, and we were just there in February for a few days. Better treasure those memories, because that’s probably it for the rest of the year. :-(

  2. I like the idea of masks for employees and testing as well as limiting park attendance. Personally, I’d like to see visitors having their temperatures taken before being allowed to enter and wearing masks also. It’s not an uncommon thing to see at the parks already on visitors from Asia. I’d rather not see the parks open at all this year since things are still ongoing and up in the air. The last thing Disney (or Universal too for that matter) need is a mass amount of new infections being tied to their parks by opening too early.

  3. Pleases just wait till it’s safe to open, we spend too much money, for the magic to be taken out of our experiences, its the personal experiences with staff, the hustle and bustle of getting to and standing in lines, I don’t want to walk around Disney with masks, I don’t want to be greeted from staff with masks, I don’t want to be told we can’t take pictures with our favorite characters. Yes to hand sanitizers, yes to frequently disinfecting these are things that should have already been practice. Opening Disney with social distancing rules, will not be a magical experience in any way, we vacation for experience, we look forward to daily room service, Just wait till it’s safe, we will get back to normal if we hold on just a little longer, nothing rushed ever turns out good!

  4. When you said “COVID still floating around” you understand that it is here to stay, correct? The stay at home or any other technique being implemented as of now is not to eradicate the virus, that has never been nor will it be a goal that would be obtainable.

  5. So if all cast members are required to wear face masks, does that mean no character meets? I won’t waste my money if we can’t see the characters. To me, that is the most magical experience at Disney. I can go to any other park to ride rides.

  6. How about this: if you’ve been conditioned to be afraid of this virus, then stay home. If you can see from the actual data that the models were WAY off, then go and have fun.
    Also, if you are at risk because you have health issues, then protect yourself and stay home.

  7. Having been a Passholders for many years, we both agreed to stay away from WDW until January 2021. There are too many visitors that are in it for themselves and do not give a hoot regarding others. It’s better to be safe than sorry. No one really knows as to how this virus will fair.

  8. You do realize that 40k employees were furloughed and another 10k sent home for good. This includes all of the International Cast Members that worked in Epcot’s World Showcase. They wouldn’t be able to just open it up. They have major staffing issue to rehire/restaff and have to train any new employees. Not only that, they have to train the social distance stuff too. Gonna be a long while. Epcot might not open until 2021. As for the other parks, it’s gonna be soft openings. Like FL residents at first and then easing regions of the US. International much later.

  9. We have an immune system for a reason, but it needs practice! I got a refund for my scheduled trip and if Disney isn’t going to be Disney anymore I’m not going to waste that much money on a crappy experience you can find anywhere!

  10. We rescheduled our May trip to late August into Sept. We pray the parks are safely open at this time….God willing, we will be there in a few months! Stay well, everyone and see you soon, Mickey! <3

  11. I just say to open them up. We depend on tourism and mist all are saying when Disney opens then we know we are moving forward.

  12. If social distances is implemented on waiting for the rides . How is the rules apply to the rides. Is every guest mandatory to wear a facemask? And if they don’t how are we protected. Is all rides up ad running including 3D rides. Are there a cap of people coming in the park ?

  13. It seems like these are the guidelines that have been floating around as what Disney would have to do to reopen; so this makes it official. But some of these guidelines are the same reasons some are arguing that the parks won’t open until next year; financially, running parks like this will mean not as much profit. The thought of Disney World not opening until next year is so disappointing but I’m not sure I’d go to filled-to-capacity parks anyway with COVID 19 still floating around. I guess only time will tell!

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