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Review: Biergarten Restaurant

Review: Biergarten Restaurant
Credit: Maggie

Are you a fan of Oktoberfest, polka music, good food, and celebration? If so, maybe you want to dine at the Biergarten Restaurant, one of the dining restaurants in the German pavilion at Epcot.

Biergarten is one of the restaurants that my family always comes back to again and again. Why? The food is delicious. The atmosphere is fun, and we always enjoy ourselves each and every time.

After entering the restaurant, it feels like you have been transported to Germany and you are surrounded by Biergarten-style tables. What are those? They are basically long picnic tables. It is the kind of setting that you would find if you were to go to Oktoberfest in Germany.

One word of warning is you are very likely to be seated next to people you do not know, so if you are not a fan of being sat with strangers, you may want to reconsider this dining option.

Long communal dining tables across from a stage in Biergarten Restaurant in Germany Pavilion at Epcot
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World – seating area in Biergarten Restaurant

I am not a fan of this myself, BUT I do enjoy the atmosphere and it is one of the few times I actually make an exception. Of all the times we have been to this restaurant, I do not recall having a bad experience due to the people around us at all. Everyone is quite pleasant, and hey, you might even make a new friend! It’s one of the few things that makes it fun, right? The times that we have been there, the people next to us tend to keep to their own group and the most you might have to do is say, “hi.”

Biergarten is a buffet-style restaurant and offers lunch and dinner. If you enjoy German food, this place is definitely for you. You can find all of your favorites such as chicken, sauerkraut, spaetzle, and schnitzel.

Pan filled with sauerkraut and 2 types of German sausages sitting on a table next to meats and pretzels
Photo Credit – Walt Disney World

The last couple of times we have gone, my sons were still pretty young and I was worried they would not want to try anything in the buffet. However, we were able to find items in the buffet for kids too. They also offer hot dogs, chicken, and macaroni and cheese.

They also have a wide range of beer and wine selections to choose from for adults 21 and over.

For a full listing of menu items and prices, please check out Character Locator.

Meal prices range from $35-59.99 per adult. Some dining plans are accepted and advance dining reservations are highly recommended and can be made 180 days in advance.

While you are enjoying the company and your meal, live entertainment is also provided. A live polka band will perform on stage entertaining guests with polka music and traditional German songs. How cool and immersive is that?!

One of the fun things about the place is that people are able to dance on the dance floor in front of the band. Maybe your kids just cannot sit still? Send them off to the dance floor to burn off some of that excess energy! Or just enjoy yourself and dance.

Have you been to Biergarten before? Will this be one of the restaurants you try on your next trip?

Maggie Baltz

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  1. I really enjoy the restaurant and the atmosphere. I even like sitting with others I don’t know. I like meeting people and talking with them over supper. I enjoy the delicious food that feels like I’m eating home cooked food. I don’t eat there every visit because of the price but I will when it’s in the budget. I enjoy the show as well.

    • I agree with everything Patrice just said with the exception of not eating there on every visit. We ALWAYS eat there & absolutely love it!

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder of this wonderful restaurant. It’s been yeeaaarrr’s since I visited Biergarten. I always enjoyed it but must admit I too am a little put off by dining with strangers. After reading your article I made a reservation for March. I’m excited. Looking forward to going again and you know what we’re all Disney fans so my dinner companions will be “friends” anyway. Thank you again.

  3. We’ve been there twice. The atmosphere is excellent. The food is average at best. It’s WAY overpriced and I don’t like to eat dinner with strangers. There are a ton of choices at EPCOT, we will not be returning.

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