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Decorating Your Resort Room Window at Value and Moderate Resorts

Decorating Your Resort Room Window at Value and Moderate Resorts
credit: Rebecca

Disney’s value and moderate level resorts are set up motel style with exterior doors to your resort room and windows that everyone walks by! Some of us have taken to decorating our windows to make our rooms extra festive and easier for us to find at the end of a long day!

I always love seeing the decorated windows at these resorts. While not a lot of people do it, it’s definitely “a thing.” I’ve gotten more into it now that I have a Cricut die cutting machine, but you definitely don’t need to have one.

I buy window cling vinyl on amazon and it works like a charm. You could cut things out of this vinyl with scissors and even make Mickey heads with a cookie cutter! Some people make or buy paper or card stock cutouts and then use clear window cling to stick them to the window.

As you can see, I like to decorate seasonally. I put them on my windows or mirror at home after I return.

The best is when Mousekeeping gets in on the fun! For my son’s birthday trip earlier this year, the Mousekeeper added his stuffed animals to my window display. I had made a Tiana silhouette because we were staying at Port Orleans French Quarter.

The text inside the castle says “Will’s 9th Birthday”

If you want to use Christmas lights, you’ll definitely want to be sure to bring an extension cord. I didn’t think to do this, and this was what I ended up with because that was all the furthest my cord would reach at All Star Music:

He BARELY reached to the bottom corner of the window.

You could also make good use of battery-powered lights. I purchased some suction cup hooks at Michael’s that would work great for hanging the lights around the window. Unlike Disney Cruise Line, there’s no rule against using tape on the window, I just prefer not to as it can be hard to remove and doesn’t look as good.

Celebrating a big milestone? Let everyone know with some window decor! One of our other writers passed along these photos of her window decorations for her child’s graduation:

Photo credit: Jeanie Winget

Have you seen window decorations at your favorite value and moderate resorts? Ready to get in on the fun, or feel like that’s just one more thing on a long list of preparations for a Disney trip? Let us know in the comments!

-Rebecca W Davis


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