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Take a Look Inside the New Beignet Cafe at Port Orleans French Quarter!

Take a Look Inside the New Beignet Cafe at Port Orleans French Quarter!
Credit: KtP Writer Christina

Not long ago, I mentioned that the beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter were moving to a new location. The Scat Cat Club Café is now open and is serving up some new flavors of beignets in addition to the original version!

We recently spent a week staying at Port Orleans French Quarter and took the opportunity to visit the new location for ourselves. The Café serves beignets daily from 6 AM to Midnight, so there is never a bad time to enjoy these warm pillows of sugary goodness!

Upon visiting the Sassagoula Floatworks food court you will see a large display sign directing you to the new location for the beignets. They are no longer served at the food court itself. The cafe is small but super charming. There are numerous chairs and tables set up just outside of the ordering area of the cafe where you can sit and enjoy your beignets.

We took note that there is a small checkers table in the seating area and a table of board games such as Jenga, Monopoly, and Uno for families to play. This would be a great way to entertain the little ones on a rainy day.

The beignet flavor offerings have also expanded with the move. You are still able to purchase original Mickey-shaped beignets with powdered sugar – (3) for $4.99 or (6) for $8.49, but now you can also order specialty flavored beignets such as Raspberry, Cinnamon Sugar, and Chocolate. The specialty flavors are served individually for $2.99 each.

Dipping sauces are still available for an additional $1.99 in either strawberry, chicory chocolate ganache (coffee-flavored chocolate ganache), or caramel. I am still a sucker for the classic beignets with strawberry sauce.

When I first read about the new flavors, I thought that the dough would be flavored. However, the flavoring comes from the toppings on the beignets, not the dough itself which is a little disappointing.

The cinnamon sugar beignet is lightly rolled in cinnamon sugar topping (think similar to a churro or beavertail), while the raspberry and chocolate beignets are topped with flavored icing glaze and Mickey sprinkles.

In addition to these new flavors, the popular Mickey Beignet Sundaes served with ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry for $6.99 are also available as are the Baton Rouge Beignets served with your choice of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, or RumChata liquor. It is worth noting that this offering has increased in price to $9.99 but decreased down to just 2 beignets and that they are not served until 11 AM.

The café also offers a variety of beverages including coffee, cappuccino, and espresso, so no need to fret, you can still have your beignets and your coffee too! Regular coffee is self-serve, which will make grabbing a quick breakfast as you head to the parks even easier.

If you are ordering espresso or cappuccino though, you will need to pick that up with a Cast Member. It is important to note that the cafe does not serve decaf coffee; however, we were given a cup and told we could fill it up at the food court.

After experiencing this new location I can definitely say this is a major improvement. We did not wait long for any of our orders and everything was really fresh and hot. Going through the food court was quite cumbersome especially during busy meal times and this really cuts the congestion a lot.

Which flavor are you looking forward to trying? Have you visited the new location? Let us know on the facebook page!


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  1. No beignets at Riverside because it is a French Quarter New Orleans thing.
    I highly recommend the beignet sundae. 3 warm beignets with your choice of ice cream whipped cream sauce and sprinkles if you wish. Delicious! Enough to share! But you may not want to!

  2. Being from Baton Rouge, I think all beignets should be traditional, no sauce, no flavors, no fillings – just lots and lots of delicious powdered sugar. Yum. Surely would like to try them at Port Orleans.

    • I can understand that! You probably will love the ones at Port Orleans because they are LOADED with powder sugar! That’s the best way to enjoy them for sure!!!

    • I can’t give you a definitive answer, but Disney is always accommodating to allergy restricts so I am sure if you ask they will be able to accommodate your needs. They were not listed on the menu, but neither were the Pumpkin Spice or Gingerbread flavors, so I would suggest just asking at the counter. They Cast Members were all extremely helpful.

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