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Beignets are on the move at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

DVC Members can Also Enjoy Free Beignets
Credit: Disney

A visit to Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort is never complete without scoring a set of Mickey Beignets. However, this iconic snack will be on the move this October! Find out where you will be able to snag these warm and delicious treats in the future.

Who doesn’t love beignets? Go ahead… I’ll wait…. One of the added benefits to staying at Port Orleans French Quarter is that this is the only location in Walt Disney World where you can find these tasty treats. Disney has really upped their game when it comes to their beignet offerings at French Quarter. Now you can have them made as a sundae with ice cream and sauce topping, you can just ask for a special dipping sauce on the side (you have to try the strawberry sauce!) or at certain times of the year you can even find special flavors of beignets such as pumpkin spice. The options seem endless, so however you enjoy eating your beignets there is some information that you will most definitely want to know before you visit Disney on your next vacation.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, this October, the Scat Cat’s Club lounge at French Quarter is going to be “jazzed up”.

From Disney:

“The club will expand to a larger space to serve up signature beverages and flavorful bar options offering a taste of the “Big Easy” in a lounge inspired by the French Quarter in New Orleans.  

And just like the French Quarter always has music playing, Scat Cat’s Club will continue to fill the room with entertainment authentic to the New Orleans story, featuring live jazz music five nights a week.

With the expansion of Scat Cat’s Club, the famous beignets will soon be available throughout the day at an all-new location near the lobby, Scat Cat’s Club – Café, making it easier to pick up a piping hot batch. The beignets are made in-house daily, available in classic as well as my favorite seasonal flavor, and many are even served in a signature Mickey-shape!”

Moving the beignets out of Sassagoula Floatworks will make a quick pick-up much easier. French Quarter will now essentially have their own beignet cafe right in the lobby to satisfy everyone’s cravings. I hope that they continue to keep the boozy beignets at the Scat Cat’s Club though.

What do you think of the move? Are you excited for a designated beignet location or are you going to miss grabbing them in the food court?



  1. We are not that pleased as we book at French Quarter for the live music provided by Jason and Billy four nights a week,and while we enjoy a benignets think this is over kill

    • There isn’t an exact date listed, but it says October so you should see it when you go in November. We go early November so I hope to catch it open also!

  2. The new cafe is right next to the food court at POFQ, so what’s the big deal? I thought maybe they were going to have them somewhere else like DS or one of the parks.

  3. It says, “coming in October…”
    Does that mean they will be serving them in October? I hope they aren’t gone during my upcoming trip!!!

    • I am not certain on that. It is not specifically mentioned on the Disney blog however, I am interpreting it as they will not be served in the food court if they are selling it in a specific cafe just for beignets. It would seem redundant. Perhaps something else exciting will be put in where the beignets used to be in the food court and then we will have two options to try!

What do you think?

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