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Minnie Van Airport Transfers can now be Added to Disney Packages

Prices for Minnie Van Service Increase and Airport Hours Extended

Do you have dreams of cruising from the airport to your resort in a Minnie Van? Do you want everything paid for upfront so your vacation feels all-inclusive? Well, now you can add Minnie Van airport transfer to the list of things that can be paid for in advance!

Minnie Van service can now be included as a package add-on for one-way or round-trip transportation between MCO and your resort. Previously you had to secure transportation and then pay for it at the time of service.

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Minnie Vans are a great opportunity to skip all the waiting on the Magical Express and have a little more time before heading back to the airport at the end of your trip. It does come with a nice little price tag of $150 each way, tip not included. This seems like a lot when you consider Disney already offers free transportation to and from the airport, but if you want to make your trip a little more special and save some time, Minnie Vans are an option.

Minnie Vans to begin charging flat fee plus mileage per trip

What can you expect on a Minnie Van? Well, they seat up to 6 people and 6 average size pieces of luggage. There are also up to 3 complimentary car seats which makes traveling with little ones easier and safer. You will be driven to your resort or back to the airport by a friendly Cast Member between the hours of 6:00 am and 11:59 pm. Minnie Vans do not go to off-site resorts, including the Swan and Dolphin, Disney Springs area hotels, and Shades of Green. Lastly, you must cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time or you will forfeit a refund.

Do you enjoy using Minnie Van service on your Disney vacations?  Will you use this service to and from the airport?

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  1. For arrival you can either use the ME yellow tag luggage service (unofficially, you have to sign up for ME and then just not get on the bus). Or the Minnie van driver can help at baggage claim. Return you can use resort baggage check (if eligible airline) or the Minnie van driver can assist.

  2. I’m handicapped but still have some mobility. It can be difficult for me getting around the airport. The first time we went to Disney we got lost inside MCO trying to get our luggage (yellow tags never arrived) and find the Magical Express. It was a LOT of walking. On our last trip, I decided last minute to call for a Minnie Van. We were literally still sitting on the plane after we landed. I was dreading an experience like our previous one had been. We lucked out and the Minnie Van beat us downstairs! Granted, we had stopped by the Disney Store in the airport to take advantage of some of the photo ops but I didn’t think it took us that long. Our driver was so nice and helpful with our bags. It made our airport experience so much better. We did take the Magical Express back to the airport from our resort and that was fine. I’m thinking seriously of doing this again. It is somewhat pricey but it was a great help to me! I’m excited that it can be added to our itinerary and paid off in advance! Thanks for the info!

  3. I think that’s crazy $150 each way but I’m sure there’s people that don’t. I’ll take magical express and have a nice table service dinner.

  4. On arrival, do you have to get your own luggage or is it like Magical Express and they pick up and deliver to your room?

    Also, on return to MCO, how early do they recommend picking you up? Magical Express is 3 hours, and I imagine there is a pretty decent time savings off of that.

    • The Minnie van driver will assist you with your luggage.
      I would think it would be a similar pick up to make sure you get through security in plenty of time. You can confirm with them though.

    • Kenny’s right (as usual!). The Minnie Van driver did help us with our luggage. For whatever reason, arriving at MCO and getting to the resort is the most stressful to me. Taking the van was great but I will probably use ME for the return to the airport. That’s what we did last time and it worked out fine.

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