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Free Wi-Fi Added to Disney Buses

Breaking_ Free Wi-Fi Added to Disney Buses
Credit: Disney

If you are planning to grab a fastpass or dining reservation while riding the Disney buses, we’ve got news for you!  Disney has now installed FREE Wi-Fi to many buses in its fleet.

Free Wi-Fi has just been added to Walt Disney World buses.  In order to connect, guests should use the Disney Transport Guest network.  Your phone will most likely not automatically connect to this network as it is a different network than the one used in the parks.  You should be able to go to your settings, select Wi-Fi, and select “Disney Transport Guest” to connect.

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Buses with Wi-Fi on board are marked with a special Wi-Fi symbol on the front door.  Be sure to look for this symbol when you board your next bus to the parks!

What will you use the Wi-Fi on Disney buses to accomplish on your ride to and from the parks?

-Jaelyn Winkle


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