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Disney parks reveals teaser for the Tree of Life Winter Awakenings

Tree of Life Winter Awakenings

Disney parks just revealed a fun little teaser video of the upcoming Tree of Life “Winter Awakenings” that will begin in November 2019.  Take a look at this cute video.

The Tree of Life Awakenings is a nightly projection mapping show where animals appear in vignettes upon the Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life.  It currently offers 4 or 5 different short shows that rotate over the course of about 30 minutes.  The show is only offered after the sun sets.

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Disney Parks Blog stated, “At the heart of the park on Discovery Island, the Tree of Life awakens with a series of wintry tales, each told in a unique artistic style and complemented by a familiar and heartwarming holiday-inspired musical score. The Disney Parks Live Entertainment team has been working for months to bring this experience to life. Recently, they got their first glimpse of how these new moments will look on the iconic tree.”

The “Winter Awakenings” will begin November 8, 2019.

Are you looking forward to this new offering?



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