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Impressions de France Closing for Refurbishment

Impressions de France Closing for Refurbishment

I have sad news for those who had Impressions de France on their must-do list for their upcoming trip. The 18-minute film is closing temporarily for refurbishment, but this will bring us a new presentation as well!

With all the new changes coming to Epcot in the next year, Impressions de France in the France pavilion is also getting an update. Starting October 2, the Palais du Cinéma in Epcot’s France pavilion will temporarily close to install a new digital projection system. The lobby will also be closed for the addition of a new exhibit. This will affect the Agent P activities that take place in the lobby, but Agent P adventures in other pavilions will go on as normal.

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No re-opening date has been announced, but the refurbishment is accommodating the new Beauty & the Beast sing-along. This show will debut in January 2020 and will have a comedic twist on the classic tale as old as time. We can expect Impressions de France will resume playing before or at the time of the opening of the Beauty & the Beast sing-along.

Impressions de France will operate part of the day and Beauty and the Beast will operate part of the day when the area reopens in January 2020.

Are you excited for the updated Impressions de France and addition of the Beauty & the Beast sing-along?

-Monica S.

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