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There is Only One Mickey

Goofy photobomb at Character Spot in Epcot


My husband and I completed a Park Hopper Challenge last year and part of this challenge was to meet Mickey in each park we visited.  Join me in learning where you can find Mickey as we remember that “It all started with a mouse”…

After my husband, Mickey is my main squeeze.  I was so excited for us to interact with Mickey at each park.  At the end of the day, my husband mentioned to a Cast Member that we met all of the Mickeys that day.  She quickly corrected him stating that there is only one Mickey.  After 16 hours in the parks, I’m pretty sure an eye roll could be inserted here.

Animal Kingdom

You are able to meet both Mickey and Minnie at Adventurers Outpost at Discovery Island. We loved this opportunity to meet with both of these beloved characters in their explorer outfits.

Adventurers Outpost at Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

The queue for Mickey is at Commissary Lane: Red Carpet Dreams.  At this queue, you will first meet Minnie Mouse in her red carpet pink dress and then be led into an adjacent room to meet with Sorcerer Mickey.

Commissary Lane: Red Carpet Dreams at Hollywood Studios


This was one of my favorite spots to meet Mickey as this queue allow you to first meet Mickey and then Goofy and Minnie.  This was such a fun experience because all three characters were next to each other and came to interact with guests and with the other characters.  Goofy came and photobombed one of our pictures with Mickey.

Goofy photobomb at Character Spot in Epcot

This Character Spot is now closed, due to renovations at Epcot.  Now you can find Mickey and friends at Innoventions West.  We look forward to the new permanent character spot in the near future.

Magic Kingdom

At the time of our visit, we met both Mickey and Minnie in their Celebration outfits at Town Square Theatre.  Beginning October 1, 2019, only Mickey will be meeting at this location and his costume will return to the previous magician’s costume.

We loved the opportunity to celebrate with both Mickey and Minnie in honor of Mickey’s 90th Birthday celebration.

Mickey and Minnie at Town Square Theatre in Magic Kingdom

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Where is your favorite spot to meet the one and only Mickey Mouse? Share your photos with us on the Kenny the Pirate facebook page!

Donna Farmer

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.” ~Walt Disney~

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  1. I love the last picture. Did you do the last photo with an actual photographer or was that the automated photo? I can’t imagine the automated photo could capture such a pose.

    • This was with an actual photographer. I am so sad with the recent change with photo boxes. Some of my favorite photos have been candid shots with the characters and I know that these would have been missed memories with just a photo box.

  2. I try to do this each visit to make our time in the parks complete :) I wish I were brave enough to take unique photos like the one where you have created a heart, but I always feel like I shouldn’t take a lot of time bc there are hundreds of people waiting to meet the characters too.

    • I would love to take create for the unique photo opportunities, but they were actually arranged by Mickey. I was impressed with the time that each character spent with us even though we were adults with no kids on this trip. Disney has a wonderful way of making you feel like a kid once you enter in. Hope you have some pixie dust magic on your next character meet up as well.

  3. I really like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey in Hollywood Studios. The whole room is so detailed, I felt like I stepped right into Fantasia!!

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