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Orlando International Airport Introduces “Paw Pilots” Therapy Dogs

Orlando Airport Introduces
one of the therapy dogs you can meet (and pet!) at MCO. Credit: MCO Twitter

Last week, the Orlando International Airport (MCO) celebrated the kick off of their new “Paw Pilots” program.  A team of 10 therapy dogs and their handlers will be taking two-hour shifts as volunteer availability allows.

Therapy dogs are certified and trained, but in contrast to service dogs, they are meant to be petted! The airport can be stressful for many travelers, and the idea behind the program is for guests to unwind with snuggles and pets before they go to their gates. All Photos from @MCO on twitter

The dogs will only be in the main terminal, before the security checkpoints.

Let’s take a look at more dogs!  There are several breeds participating in the program according to Attractions Today.  They include Golden Retrievers, a Bearded Collie, a Miniature Schnauzer, a Basset Hound, a German Shepard, and even a fluffy little Pomeranian.

Are you excited to see these friendly pets in the terminal? Which one is your favorite?


  1. I love this!! I hate flying and these dogs can definitely be a stress reliever! The dogs pictured in the photos are precious! I hope they’re still doing this when we fly in 2021!!

  2. We met a team and therapy dogs that provide this service at the Phoenix airport. It was so fun to have dogs to pet. Everyone loved them. The team there is a trio of 3 brother English Retrievers who wore ties.

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