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Magical Views from the New Disney Skyliner

Skyliner Reopens for Guests (but will have modified hours this week)

A first look at the magestic views from the new Disney Skyliner!

Ahead of it’s September 29th opening day, Disney has released a stunning video taken from inside one of the 300 new Skyliner cabins with never-before-seen views of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney’s waterways and woodlands. There’s even some surprise characters along for the ride! Your family will delight in this brand new magical way to travel! It looks like a ride in itself!

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“The Most Magical Flight on Earth”

Video: Disney Parks

It looks like so much fun! Will you be trying the Skyliner on your next trip? I think I will after seeing this video for sure!

Amanda Wesche


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  1. All the exterior views of gondolas have the character overlays, but all the views from inside are from gondolas that don’t have the overlay. It makes a big difference in how much you can see. Can I wait for a plain car?

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