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Disney World Guests Rescued from Broken-Down Monorail

EPCOT Monorail Services Disrupted After Doors Malfunctioned

Last night, September 19, 2019, proved to be a little bit of a less-than-magical ending for some Disney World guests riding the monorail when it broke down at approximately 10:30 pm and rescue crews had to retrieve them.

The monorail was leaving the TTC and heading to EPCOT at the time of breaking down. Various videos and pictures show Reedy Creek Fire Department at the bottom of the track near the Magic Kingdom parking lot, which is adjacent to the TTC.

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After being stuck on the monorail for a few hours, guests were rescued from the roof and carried out by 2’s in buckets.  One man said it “just kind of died,” but he was safely outside on the ground by 1:30 am. No injuries have been reported and WDW has not made an official announcement regarding the situation.


monorailbrokedown2(Photos courtesy of @TroyLeeCampbell on twitter)

Have you ever been stuck on the monorail? Does this make you think twice about using it in the future?

-Monica S.


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  1. 3 hours?! After waiting in the long line to get on the monorail after park closing and then having to wait 3 hours, I can only imagine having to use the bathroom desperately! Luckily it seems like it wouldn’t have been packed full of passengers since it had already left TTC but imagine if it had happened with the car being packed full of sweaty adults and over tired children? Yikes!!

  2. I think my kids would love exiting the monorail via buckets. We were stuck on the monorail once, only for about 30 minutes due to an accident on the highway along the monorail. When fire trucks & rescue vehicles were driving by, they were hoping we would get to climb out of the monorail on the fire truck ladders, but it just started back up again and we were on our way.

  3. No, it won’t stop me from using the monorail. Having it just stop isn’t as bad as being on there w/a big stroller in front of me… No, I don’t have any kids at home anymore. It’s just, sad that they don’t have separate cars for the people who use them. Just my opinion.

    • Wait, you’d rather be stuck on the monorail for 3’ish hours than share a monorail car with a stroller for 15 minutes? I’d hate to have been stuck – I’d be quite anxious – but it won’t stop me from using it.

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