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How you can support Give Kids the World while I try my craziest challenge ever!

Give Kids the Rides - A FUNdraising challenge for Give Kids the World Village

If you’ve followed my blog or social media for very long, you’d know that I love to try crazy theme park challenges.  We have done 100 attractions in the Magic Kingdom in one day, we were the first to ride every ride in Disneyland, we did Every Ride in Walt Disney World multiple times, met 71 different characters in a single day and we were the first to ride 100 rides in one day.  Well, a new crazy challenge is coming up this week.  Click to read all about it and support my charity effort!

When a challenge friend of mine heard that I am travelling to Disneyland to catch their first Oogie Boogie Bashes of the year, he presented me with a new challenge.  The challenge will be to complete Every available Ride in Disneyland and Walt Disney World in two consecutive days.

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That means that I must complete all the Disneyland rides, catch a red-eye flight to Orlando and then come back to Walt Disney World and ride every available ride here.  I will begin at 7:00am on Friday, September 20 and have until WDW parks close Saturday, September 21 to complete BOTH Every Ride Challenge opportunities!


How you can be involved?  You can support Give Kids the World Village and our #GiveKidstheRides effort to raise $100,000 in a single year.  We are currently around $74,000.  We are trying to give hope to critically ill children and their families during a very difficult time.  When I was in the hospital this summer being poked and prodded, all I could think about was a small child battling a life threatening illness and how we can help them have some hope and some joy and keep them fighting for their lives!

You can state in the comments below, on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages what pledge you’d like to make or just make a straight donation directly to the village.  Perhaps you could step up and pledge $1 for each unique ride at each resort?  That would be 95 rides.  Hey, why not round it up and make an even $100?

If you have some fun side challenges for donations like sing a song on the Trolley or something, I’m open to that too.  (Note, I can’t currently consume sweet items or alcohol for health reasons)  I’ll even give shout outs to you for donations!

Give Kids the Rides - A FUNdraising challenge for Give Kids the World Village

I do not personally want your money!  I want you to support Give Kids the World Village and help me #GiveKidstheRides.  You can follow along the madness on my Twitter and Facebook pages.  I’ll post photos and videos as I go along through both days.

Please follow along, cheer me on, boo me, tell me I can’t do it, whatever, but GIVE!

(Note, I’m donating all the advertising income that is generated by this post, so feel free to share the post as well to do a tiny part)


  1. So that means we WONT see you in Indy this week? That makes me sad, but if anybody can do this YOU can. Making my pledge now for $1 a ride, rounded up to $100 if you do them all.

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