Home Disney World Disney Characters are set to visit various Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney Characters are set to visit various Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney Characters are set to visit various Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney just announced that 15 different characters will begin exploring various Walt Disney World hotels.  Here’s the details:

You should expect to find these characters popping up at random times through the day at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels:
Alice, Chip n Dale, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Lilo, Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Pluto Stitch, Tigger.

It’s expected that some of the characters will be wearing costumes that are not usually worn in the parks.  The meets are not on a certain schedule, and they could appear at the pool or wandering the lobby area.

For example you might find Chip n Dale gathering acorns at the Wilderness Lodge or playing games on the lawn at the Contemporary Resort.

You might find Lilo and Stitch wandering the Polynesian Village Resort or greeting guests in the longhouse.  Mickey and Pluto might pop in to play some fetch with guests.
Maybe you’ll find Mary Poppins being Practically Perfect in every way at the Grand Floridian or Pooh may be searching for hunny while Tigger could be bouncing on the lawn.  You might find Alice and Mad Hatter offering a special Tea Party by the pool.
You might find Minnie and the gang at the Yacht & Beach Club or BoardWalk Resorts taking a dip at the pool.
There’s no guarantee how long the characters will appear and again, there is no set schedules.
What do you think about this new offering?
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  1. We are in the midst of a 9 day stay at the Polynesian and just happened upon Mickey (Hawaiian Shirt), Pluto, Lilo and Stitch hanging out in the lobby. Mickey and Pluto were amazing…such a fun interaction. Lilo hung out in the kids’ TV area and watched TV the entire time with the kids. Stitch seemed to be off his meds and was acting like his usual mischievous self in the lobby and would not pose for a picture. He would interact, but not pose. But I guess that was the point. It was fun with Pluto and Mickey.

  2. This happened to us in January at the Polynesian. We were eating lunch at Capt Cooks, looked over across the lawn, and there was Moana!!! It was the best part of our trip!!!

  3. I love this! They did it 2 years ago at Caribbean Beach when it was under refurbishment and it really made it so special. Some magic in our resort days!

  4. Sounds like a good idea; especially being unexpected which makes it even more Magical. Will be at the Beach Club Nov and this would add to the magic.

  5. We ran into Minnie and Goofy on the Boardwalk last week! Just a nice surprise as we were making a run to the gift shop! My girls loved it!

  6. It looks like they are only going to Deluxe resorts, that would be an incredible insult to the hundreds of thousands of people that stay at ALL THE OTHER RESORTS.

  7. I love this. And obviously some people don’t love that there isn’t a schedule, but that would take the magic away. Assume you won’t see any like you likely haven’t for years and then be happy if you get to experience an extra bit of Disney magic.

  8. I LOVE the randomness of the visits… I remember when I went as a kid the excitement of the random character visits in the park vs standing in line the way it is now… seemed soooo much more personal and special. I get why they do it the way they do it now…. but this allows for the special personal moments

  9. People that want a schedule of date and time are missing the point. It is supposed to be magical. A surprise. No crowds waiting or long lines. Just the characters enjoying themselves like we are. Stop being so structured and let Disney do the planning.

  10. We’ve had a few things like this happen in our years going to WDW. I love it! The surprise is the best part, so schedules would wreck that.

    • I don’t think so! We need more of that 90’s Disney magic where characters would roam the parks without scheduled meet and greets. Think about how exciting it will be to look across the pool and yell to your kids, “LOOK! There’s Mickey!!!” I think this is a fabulous idea in addition to the scheduled meet and greets.

    • Schedules not needed – it’s a bit of pixie dust for guests in the right place at the right time. Schedules lead to long lines and have their place in the parks, but not at the resorts!

    • I disagree, actually. One of the charming things I remember about visiting WDW when i was a kid was being surprised and delighted by who I “ran into” while I was down there. I understand that the increased volume of guests means that a schedule needs to be made so that you can get the “bucket list” visits taken care of…but between scheduled character greetings, fast passes, and character dining, there are already lots of ways to guarantee a particular character greeting…I feel like this is a nice way to bring back that magical feeling of “running into” your favorite character while on vacation that you could get back in the 80’s, when the character just seemed to be roaming free, greeting guests.

  11. Goofy and Donald visited the pool while we at Beach Club in mid July. It was a great surprise. The we saw Chip and Dale hijacking a golf cart at Fort Wilderness

  12. Hi Kenny! I think that it’s a great idea! It brings some magic to guests when they least expect it. Two years ago we were relaxing in the lobby of the Grand Floridian when, all of a sudden, Cinderella came down the stairway to meet guests. It was magical!

  13. Please keep commenting on this thread when you spot characters! I love this idea!
    My hubby always needs at least one day park free so I agree that this is another way to experience the Disney Magic.
    We are at Beach Club in Feb.

  14. I think it’s a great idea in theory; however, when we go we seldom spend time at the hotels. We’re at the parks open until close so it will never benefit us. If there was a set schedule and I knew characters would be there in special costumes, I might try to get back for a meet & greet but, without knowing when or if they would show up, I probably won’t bother.

      • I know but I was just hoping maybe since those resorts are in such close proximity to the Disney Epcot resorts that maybe Disney would include them also. I am staying solo at Dolphin in Sept…first time solo and first time that I’m not staying at one of the Disney resorts….hope I won’t miss the “magic” too much!

  15. I think that’s awesome and bringing back more of the way Disney used to be. Character interactions are a huge part of what makes the vacation fun and magical. Great way to make it special outside or just the parks as well

    • They actually already do this at the all star resorts. Seen Pluto, goofy and Donald multiple times when we were there the last two years.

  16. while Mary is typically seen in her “Jolly Holiday” dress,…I’d love to see her in the blue dress from the opening scenes of the film…along with Bert as the “One Man Band”!! It’s always great to unexpectedly be surprised by characters. I met Lilo and Stitch at Typhoon Lagoon both times in different locations. How about Panchito & Jose at Coronado Springs or Horace Horsecollar at Saratoga Springs? :)

  17. Years ago they used to have the character bus pull up to resorts on certain days. Reminds me of that – but then you knew time/place to have the meet and greets – but there were several at a time. I’m glad they’re doing this.

  18. We had Donald and Daisy / Donald and Goofy show up at the pool at the Yacht/Beach club pool. The hung out both inside and the outside the pool. This was the first week in July. We got on Donald’s good side saying he was #1, lol. I love this idea, it gives a little more Disney Magic.

    • I actually hope they don’t put out a schedule. It
      Sounds like they just want it to be fairy dust and having a line forming makes it just one more thing. Keep it spontaneous

  19. They’ve had a few characters at a time appearing on the Boardwalk since spring. In swim wear. It’s typically one of the Fab5

  20. I love the idea but it would be great to know which resorts at least. To avoid the “did we miss them? Are they even coming here?” kind of thinking.

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