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Epcot to offer new smokehouse barbecue fast-casual option

Disney Reverses Decision for Reduction of Operating Hours for Select Epcot Attractions
Epcot’s Liberty Inn restaurant will close on July 8, 2019 in order to begin transition to become a fast-casual barbecue restaurant.  Here’s the details:

The new Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue will replace Liberty Inn and offer a modern barbecue smokehouse feel which will include a large smoker for freshly prepared food.  If the tastes are similar to Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom, it will be a great plus vs the standard burgers and chicken tenders currently served at Liberty Inn.  You’ll still be able to find burgers and tenders at Electric Umbrella for the time being.
The new “fast-casual” experience is set to open this fall in Epcot’s America pavilion.  Fast-casual is usually a term that Disney uses to describe a location that requires reservations, but still accepts counter service credits on the Disney Dining plans.
As huge fan of barbecue, I’ll be on hand when it opens to provide some reviews.  What are your thoughts on this change?


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  1. Food was very sub par quality. Food seem like it was cooked way ahead of time and just reheated.

    Chicken and ribs meat was dry and the portion size was small as well for the high price charged.

    Typical Disney since they have a captive no great incentive to provide quality and value to food offerings.

    Even my wife Jan Wahl who eats anything said no bueno .Thats no good for you non Spanish speakers.

    The smoker must just be for show only

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