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Disney World park hours updated for April and early May 2019

Disney World Crowd Calendar April 2021

Walt Disney World just posted updates for the park hours for April and the first few days of May 2019.  Here’s the days and parks that were affected:

April 1 – Magic Kingdom

April 5 – Magic Kingdom

April 7 through 11 – Animal Kingdom

April 12 through 27 – Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

April 28 through 30 – Animal Kingdom

May 1 through 4 – Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

As always, you can find the most updated park hours on my Crowd Calendars!


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  1. Yay! Looks like May and June hours have been uodated and on May 29th Animal Kingdom is open till 10 and then we can hop over to MK and do late EMH from 11 till 1! So glad to be able to still do late night EMH this trip!!

  2. So we wont know about late May and early June until mid April? Disney is killing me! I just got through with my binder with all my plans, fastpasses, dining ressies etc. I need to make sure its all right! They make us plan so far ahead but then wont put hours out in a timely fashion! Ugg! Thank you for all your hard work and info Kenny! I appreciate it!

  3. Why do you think they are closing so early the week of May 1-4? Cheerleading summit is there and theee are going to be lots and lots of extra people on property. Last year at this time the times were adjusted to magic kingdom being open late every night. Hmmm

  4. I don’t get a chance to go to the parks very often but thank you for always letting me know when I should go or shouldn’t go. ; )

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