Home Disney World Characters dressed in their holiday finest at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Characters dressed in their holiday finest at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Characters dressed in their holiday finest at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Several Characters are feeling more festive at Hollywood Studios for the “Flurry of Fun.”  Here’s  rundown of the characters ready for the holidays in this theme park.

Buzz Lightyear

When you enter Toy Story Land, you’ll see Buzz gussied up for the holidays with his new Santa style stocking cap.


Jessie, who meets with Woody,  has a new peppermint inspired vest and some festive touches on the top of her hat.


Woody is ready for a holly, jolly holiday with a special vest, scarf, touches to his hat and a new candy cane stuck in his empty pistol holster.

Green Army

The Green Army didn’t want to be left out of the festivities, so they grabbed themselves some wintertime scarfs.  They appear for their drumline show, the Green Army bootcamp and can be found wandering around mingling with the crowds.

Chip n Dale

The Chipmunks are donning their scarfs and hats to prepare for the season of lights.  They are all smiles as they meet their guests in the morning and early afternoon.

Santa Goofy

Goofy is ready to take your requests, but watch out, as he might make a few mistakes with your Christmas list.  He means well for sure and has a lot of love to share.

Santa Goofy at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Santa Claus

This is the most beautiful Santa Claus setting in all of Walt Disney World, in my opinion.  Santa appears regularly through the day, but he does take frequent breaks.  I’d plan to meet him at Hollywood Studios or Disney Springs.

How to meet Santa Claus at Disney's Hollywood Studios


As always, all their character information can be found on Character Locator.

How to meet Santa Claus in Disney’s Hollywood Studios


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  1. Now I am torn about where to meet Santa :)
    I was going to see him at Epcot during the festival, but I always try and use your recommendations & the setting is beautiful. Decisions, decisions . . .

  2. Do you have a Christmas page like this for each park? I would love to know about the characters for AK/Epcot/MK (other than the MVMCP).

  3. These characters and jingle jam are the only Christmas-y things right? I just need a Hollywood Studios during the holidays touring plan

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