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RUMOR: PizzeRizzo could be closing soon

RUMOR: PizzeRizzo could be closing soon

PizzeRizzo opened in 2016 as a re-theme for what was Pizza Planet.  It offered almost the exact same food and has been widely panned by Disney World guests for offering the same pizza found elsewhere in the park.  It could be closing soon.

According to a Disboards rumor post, some Cast Members are hearing that PizzeRizzo could be closing in late October, 2018.  If it were to occur, it could merely be for a change of menu or it could involve another re-theme.

Thematically, it fits into the Muppets courtyard, but Star Tours is right beside it and will be disconnected from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge when it opens late next year.  Is it possible that they will try to bring that area into the Star Wars theme?

The rumor seems plausible because the restaurant is tucked back into a very empty area with little guest flow and has light sales numbers from the overly expensive pizza.  My son always enjoyed this type of Disney World pizza, but I found it to be overly bready and I don’t really care for the sauce as it has no definitive flavor.  Most guests head to Muppets late in the day, only to find PizzeRizzo is already closed anyway.   At least they were honest when they stated “It’s rat pizza!”

From an armchair imagineering perspective, it seems that the entire area could be removed and re-themed at some point.  Many guests love Muppets 3D because it is Jim Henson’s final work, but it has very light attendance almost every day of the year.

This is merely a rumor at this time, but what do you think of PizzeRizzo possibly closing?  Will you like new food options like Satuli Canteen, or a re-theme?


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  1. Ever since Toy Story Land opened, the park seems much more packed, and the Muppet area which used to be a very quiet place is now almost always populated. I wouldn’t mind a change in menu at PizzeRizzo but I would like to see the Muppets theming stay.

    • PizzeRizzo will close “seasonally”. But I’ve not noticed the area being any more busy than it was last summer.

  2. I’m happy for it to go. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me, but the pizza is gross (and i love theme park food, not a fancy eater over here). The Muppet show is very outdated. I get the nostalgia, but my family finds it boring. I also think they need to do something with the Muppet 3D building as it has had a terrible smell the last few times we went to see it. I agree with another poster though- not everything has to be Star Wars- a complete reimagining of the space would be welcome by me (we still hated the food, but we did like the Pizza Planet theme before this change).

  3. Anything Muppets is my daughters absolute favorite. On our fly in day this past April we went to Hollywood Studios just so she could eat at PizzaRizzo and see Muppets 3D. This didn’t include our HS day of vacation where we also had to eat at PizzaRizzo and watch Muppets 3D another 2x. It was the highlight of her Disney trip. She’s 8. The previous year she got to “meet” Rizzo (a stuffed animal held by cast members) and got an official certificate regarding same. Such wonderful happy memories. I agree with previous commenter – not everything has to be Star Wars.

  4. We ate there yesterday! I liked it. The pizza was pretty good for theme park food, and the non alcoholic bellini was super refreshing and yummy. It was fairly busy, but still had seating available. I hope they keep Muppets 3D forever!

  5. My kids loved pizza planet and when we found out this replaced it, they were so excited because it was the same food and they like muppets. Sooo sad because we wanted to eat there in May next year! We dont like starwars and not everything should be starwars themed!

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