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Character changes coming to Walt Disney World

Vampirina now meeting guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

Change is constant in Walt Disney World.  Characters can come and go frequently.  Some have only lasted a few weeks and others are still around on a daily basis.  Here’s some changes that are coming.

Characters Leaving

  1. Star-Lord and Baby Groot.  Star-Lord’s last day will be September 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Most guests visit to see Baby Groot and watch him interact with Peter Quill.
  2. Doc McStuffins.  Doc is leaving Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but is supposed to continue to appear at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Her last day at Rafiki’s Planet Watch is September 29.
  3. Rafiki.  Rafiki’s final day of regular meet and greets at the Planet Watch is also September 29.  He will return for a dance party that I’ll mention below.  He could still pop up at Animal Kingdom as well.
  4. Move it Shake it Dance it Play It.  The psuedo parade / dance party will end on December 1.  It will be replaced by a new offering next year.
  5. Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial.  The popular tutorial has been running in some form for many years.  My son was a little boy when he was chosen to participate and battle Captain Jack, he’s now a college sophomore.
Did you know that any refurbishment date is listed on Character Locator? It’s right on the name of the attraction, so you’ll see it when you decide if you want to add it to your touring plan.

Characters coming.

  1. Vampirina.  Vee is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  She is  coming to Disney Jr Play and Dine Breakfast beginning on September 30.  I’m told that she will also begin offering regular meet and greets in the Disney Jr Courtyard.  I’ve added her Play and Dine meet to Character Locator.
  2. Mike and Sulley.  Mike and Sulley are set to return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  They will take over the meet and greet area inside Walt Disney Presents.  Many sites rumored that it would be an area for Ralph and Vanellope, but those rumors proved to be false.
  3. Incredibles.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios is moving to remake the Pixar Place area into a mini-land for the Incredibles characters.  The area will take on a 1950’s vibe in the town of Municberg.  It will offer an Incredibles Block Party (dance party), a meet and greet with Edna Mode (likely only Toy Story location) and a Jack-Jack scavenger hunt.  The area will open in 2019.Character changes coming to Walt Disney World
  4. Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party.   Rafiki will return in 2019 for this new Dance Party that will be offered in Africa.  He will be joined by Timon (it’s unknown if he will meet half day like Chip n Dale or stop regular meets).Character changes coming to Walt Disney World
  5. Move It, Shake It, MousekeDance It!  Mickey and Minnie will celebrate their 90th birthday party with you all next year.  This will be held at the Castle Hub.  Disney has not announced what other characters will appear at this time.  Coming in 2019Character changes coming to Walt Disney World
  6. Limited Time Magic!   It what was a by-line in the big announcement, Disney has committed to bringing back this popular offering.  If they bring out rare characters, like they did last time, it will be super poplular with character fans.  Some of the offerings didn’t go over as well, so hopefully, they apply some thought to what they will offer in 2019.
  7. Cruz Ramirez will return with the Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy.  Cruz ceased offering meet and greets when Toy Story Land opened.  She will return when the new Lightning McQueen show opens at Sunset Showcase in 2019.

Who are you excited to see or sad to lose?


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  1. I wish Mike & Sulley and the Incredibles would appear before 2019. We go in November. Rafiki’s Planet is closing with nothing taking its place in the interim from what I can tell. Wish they had waited until the end of the year on that. I feel like things are going away and not much replacing after October with slimmer pickings for November and December?? Is that right or a misconception on my part. I know there will be Christmas things but I’m really disappointed in some of these moves.
    Is it true that Sofia the First is leaving also? I know it’s a rumor.

  2. Was the pirate tutorial the show with Jack Sparrow where kids were picked to go on stage? Across from where they did pirate makeovers??? If so, I am very sad! My kids loved that and just watched his first Pirates of Carribean movie!

  3. I’m overjoyed that Mike and Sulley are coming back :) We met them first on our Honeymoon then again with our son. I’m excited to see them return!

  4. The Walt Disney Presents Meet N Greet area is usually used for new releases. Wreck-It Ralph & Vanellope would make more sense. Mike & Sulley have in the past had their own spot near Backlot Commisary.

  5. Very sad to see Starlord and Groot go before we ever got a chance to see them. :( With these changes happening as we enter October, I’m bummed at some really banal additions when this would be a great time to bring out some old Villains like Prince John or Jafar. Mike and Sulley and the Incredibles were mainstays for so many of our visits, we’ll probably skip them this time around.

What do you think?

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