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Official Opening Season Announced for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


The Force is strong  with Disney’s upcoming Star Wars land, Galaxy’s Edge! Excitement has been building with every new piece of information we get about Disney’s newest addition from the galaxy far, far away, which leads us to ask the important questions like, “when will I be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon?” or “will I be able to bring my personal droids to my favorite Cantina?”. Disney Parks Blog has officially released when we will be able to take our crews of smugglers and rebels to the outpost of Batuu! 

Galaxy’s Edge will officially welcome travelers from all over the galaxy in Summer 2019 for Disneyland and Late Fall 2019 for Walt Disney Resorts! The announcement video doesn’t really reveal much other than reaffirming that the child in all of us will go crazy once we arrive at Batuu.

Personally, I cannot wait to be among the characters, droids, and creatures that make up Star Wars and of course, to have the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon! Childhood dream come true!

What are you most excited to see in Galaxy’s Edge? Will you be first in line? Let me know in the comments!

Danny White



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  1. We will be heading back for Late August 2019 and unless things go better than in the past it is likely we will miss all the fun. School prevents our travel any later in the year unless we opt to wait until the following May.

  2. We’re doing a cruise in Fall 2019 and will miss being there around the opener but definitely Spring 2020.

  3. Bummer. Was hoping to go late November/early December 2019 but I don’t want anything to do with those opening crowds. Hoped it was opening in 2020 and 2019 would be a good in between year post Toy Story and before Star Wars.

  4. I wonder what “late” Fall means? We’re slated to be there for a graduation trip in mid October. On the one hand she and her boyfriend are HUGE Star Wars fans, on the other hand, I wonder if we just miss it we won’t be in a deluge of opening event crowds. I guess this will be a matter of ca sera sera!! XD

  5. Can’t wait!!!!!! Please let us know as soon as you hear an exact date!!!
    Thanks as always for all of the great info!

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