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Hollywood Studios Fastpass+ Tiers when Toy Story Land opens

Hollywood Studios Fastpass+ Tiers when Toy Story Land opens
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Guests have been wondering for quite a while if Toy Story Land’s new rides will offer Fastpass and what tiers they may fall within at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It appears those questions have been addressed!

According to a post by MrInfinity on the Disboards website, he booked his Club Level Fastpass+ (90 day booking window for Club Level guests who pay $50 per person per day) today for his late June trip and was able to discern the new Fastpass+ tiers that will appear at Hollywood Studios.

It appears that everything that was Tier ONE, except Toy Story Mania, will shift to Tier TWO and the new rides Alien Swirling Saucers and Slinky Dog Dash will be Tier ONE Fastpass.

A guest can only book ONE Tier One Fastpass and TWO T.ier Two Fastpasses OR you may opt for THREE Tier Two Fastpasses.  You must complete one of these options before booking a 4th or subsequent Fastpass.

I suggest booking Slinky Dog Dash, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror as your primary Fastpasses when your 60 day window opens!  We should always report this as a rumor until Disney officially confirms it, but these seems to be the case.

What do you think about these potential new tiers?


  1. Regarding DHS FP Tiers, are they set up like Epcot where you MUST choose a Tier 1 or like Animal Kingdom where you CAN choose only one Tier 1 Pandora attraction but you are not required to choose either of them – meaning you could choose three Tier 2s?

  2. We plan on going to HS opening day for toy story land staying at a Disney resort. What is Your opinion on rope dropping a different park and doing HS later in the the evening with fast passes. I am worried how will the kids would handle HS rope drop the opening day of toy story land

  3. They open it at 8am. Go as soon as u get in, then breakfast… out by 8:45 and in the holding area to get to toy story…. works like a charm.

  4. Thanks for tip! We were thinking of doing the breakfast, to get in the park early, that’s a good idea, so are you saying to sign up for Jedi Training before the 8am breakfast or after, at say 8:45am? I was thinking they wouldn’t open up the sign up until 9am when park opens??? I thought I saw on map the sign up area is right next to Hollywood and Vine though, which is good.

  5. What is the height requirement for slinky dog? Can a parent ride with a child that doesn’t reach the requirement? TIA if you know!

  6. Erin, get a PPO H&V breakfast for 8AM… go straight to Jedi training then breakfast. You can be out by 8:45 and in the waiting queue (in park) when the open up the park… you’ll get to TSMM at park opening, like you are hoping for.

  7. We did a pre rope drop breakfast one year with the Disney Jr Characters and we could get ahead of the crowd for TSMM. Maybe try that approach?? Jedi Training should still be available by the time you are done. After going to CA for the first time and going to DL Paris both last year, I really like the old way of getting a FP or the Maxpass method. So much less stressful!

  8. You don’t have to be there at rope drop, getting there early just helps guarantee your place in an earlier show. Remember midway mania isn’t new, so if you’ve done it before, nothing but the entrance has changed, so focus your attention to slinky and aliens.

  9. A lack of fast pass doesn’t mean the line moves any quicker though, because now all of those people are in line with you. The wait doesn’t necessarily change in attractions like these because the quantity of people doesn’t change at all, in fact it just increases the line you are in.

  10. What I was concerned about is that it’s my understanding to sign your kids ( I will have a 5 and 7 yr old) up for Jedi Training, for a show later in the day, you have to be at the sign up location, with your kids present, at rope drop. The time taken to do that will then put us behind all the crowds and we will essentially be in 2 stand by lines, for 2 of the 3 Toy Story attractions, with 2 FP left over to use for basically shows the rest of the day. Not a huge deal, just bummed I will be wasting a bigger portion of the day in stand by lines.

  11. Please help me understand. Am I missing something here. Why would you need FP for Jedi training? It’s first come first serve type of deal.

    In addition you don’t know if any of these rides will have rider switch.

    I wouldn’t worry about this. Rope drop 1. Fast pass another. Make the line for the last.

    I’m not trying to be mean or rude about it. I have two small kids as well.

  12. This is the problem with FastPass and why it should go away. If your frame of mind is “how can I see everything without a FP” then you’ve basically said “I won’t wait in Standby lines.” Standby lines suck, I agree, but they suck because they distributed too many FP so the line never moves.

  13. What do you think will happen when Star Wars Land opens? They will be adding TWO more rides, both of which will likely be massively popular and placed in Tier 1. Do you think they will simply push Alien Swirling Saucers down to Tier 2 and add the two new Star Wars rides to Tier 1? It would be a huge pain to have four of the most popular rides in the same tier and could choose only one.

    Or would there be enough major rides that they could put them all in the same group and allow people to pick any 3, just like they do at Magic Kingdom?

  14. I’m tempted to think Alien Swirling Saucers might be a good choice for Tief 1 as it’s anticipated slower load time and smaller capacity. Thankfully we aren’t going until Nov or Dec so lots of time to find out what’s best!

    Thanks for ousting this KTP!

  15. Rope drop one of them, fast pass one, standby the other. I’m shocked that tier 1 isn’t the three toy story, RRC, and Fantasmic! What a win for guests!

  16. For someone with 2 small kids, who want to do mostly Toy Story stuff, and no Rockin Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror, if this is accurate, I am not happy about it. How are we supposed to do all of Toy Story Land and Jedi Training with ONE FP?! Mania should have been moved to Tier 2…

  17. @John Smith — I could be wrong, but I think Living with the Land used to be a Tier 1 at Epcot but became Tier 2 when they added Frozen Ever After

  18. THAT’D BE GREAT!!! So excited to have rnr tier 2! I’m glad they didn’t do what epcot did when they just added frozen to the list of tier 1 instead of moving one of the current tier 1s down to tier 2 in its place

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